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Sand, Sex and Style on South Beach, the Sexiest City in America

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The decorative theme beach+bettter all the way along Miami Beach, where many hotels pay homage to their former past by keeping the original signs over the door despite being long-since bought by bigwigs such as the Hilton group. Close to shopping districts such as Collins Avenue. Part of the beautiful Art Deco district. Lots of great restaurants and bars around.

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Despite beach+bftter best efforts to book a room away from the street, it will still be loud during all hours of the day. The craziness of SoBe means it may not be the best spot for a family vacation. Rooms are typically smaller than those in NoBe. The Mid-Beach, Atlantic Heights and North Beach areas are all just a quick jog or cab ride from the craziness of Ocean Drive, yet still offer thn same Souyh stretches of blindingly-white, sparkling sand. While South Beach is teeming with tiny boutique hotels, areas to the north are where those looking for a resort-feel will want to go. Gargantuan hotels such as the Fontainebleu have a vibrant, young energy, but with added amenities such as larger suites, bars, huge pool areas and easy beach access.

The most notable benefit of heading north is the peace and quiet. Families and couples will be much more comfortable here, as well as those looking to relax. Now for one of the best features: Miami Beach is home to The Carillon Hotel and Spaa spectacular all-suite resort with uninterrupted views of the turquoise ocean. A Miami staple sinceit has played host to the likes of the Rat Pack and celebs like Barbra Streisand. A walk down Ocean Drive will turn heads as those impossibly slender and beautiful young creatures from the pages of Vogue or Elle go strolling by. Sleepy retirement hotels awoke to new lives as swank bars and thumping night clubs.

The mile long beach+btter of white sand beach before Lummus Park, sec the haunt of prowling drug dealers and prostate junkies, sprouted colorful umbrellas and posh cabanas and SSouth the go-to-place for the international jet set, and the place got a new name: And Miami Beach became sfx sexiest city in America. To go there is to enter another world, for no place else in America is quite like South Beach. Thann it right means going to the heart of it, rubbing elbows with the beautiful people. Consequently, no visit is complete without a visit to Soutj stylish bars in the art deco hotels that line Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive.

The Ultimate Oasis One of the swankiest is the newly remodeled Setai, an Asian-themed room hotel featuring a tranquil courtyard surrounding a foot serenity pond, a zen-like refuge from the bouncy exuberance of South Beach. Grace and elegance defined. Just down the street from The Setai is the The Delano. Opulent bungalows with billowy white curtains and moss-green marble line either side and at the end a comfortable poolside bar serves drinks to members of the public and other mere mortals after 5pm. Rarefied Air The bath of colorful neon that spills out from the art deco hotels on Ocean Drive is uniquely Miami.

Kramer and others like him were able to look into the future and see the unique appeal of South Beach and predict that high end hoteliers like the Morgan Group, owners of The Delano, and Sam Nazarian, owner of the SLS would flock to the area. To bask in its elegance, if only for awhile, is sublime. At the Nikki Beach Club on South Beach models, celebrities and jet setters lounge on day beds and listen to live music while sipping champagne.

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And you can bask in its elegance. And where money and style hold sway, sex is not far behind. A walk down Ocean Drive will turn many a head as those impossibly slender and beautiful young creatures from the pages of Vogue or Elle go strolling past. Just where are they going, you might ask. Well, a good bet is Nikki Beach Club. Two lithesome beauties on Miami Beach. Ground Zero for the Beautiful People Nikki Beach Club, located at the south end of Ocean Drive, is an indoor-outdoor nightclub set in the sugary white sand beneath the swaying palms of South Beach. With its white sand beaches and gentle surf, South Beach has become a magnet for models and photographers.

But premium people watching of the very best kind can be had entirely gratis just a few blocks away. The beach is lined by lithesome beauties and buff fellows from all over Asia, Europe and South America.

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