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But it won't show. This amount can be negative. The extra functionality it provides is that it can add line numbers along side the text. This is quite natural, but b,ock the only way declare a new paragraph. Simply adding an empty space will do it: All spaces and new lines are reproduced as given, and the text is displayed in an appropriate fixed-width font. Furthermore, the package provides the following environments in order to change line spacing within the document but not document-wide: When using this command through the hyperref package, the URL is "clickable" in the PDF document, whereas it is not linked to the web when using only the url package.

Block Latex indented

To use verbatim in beamer, the frame needs to be made fragile: This is useful on pages in complex documents where not every page may be an exact number of fixed-height lines long, so some give-and-take in vertical space is useful. For more detailed information and examples on text alignment see this article. This is the text in first paragraph. Open the examples in Overleaf.

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