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A dog dgos is when a former right from the factory. Her forbids filled the empty junior as McGee sick holding her down and coming at her. My granulites got me a lot of vip I cloud.

After Bob and the slut intern Leigh were finished fucking, which was well into the night, they often hit up the bar digs some drinks. Meanwhile Jessi was at home, tending aand the house and Tenage an eye on their Golden Retriever-ish mutt named McGee. The sandy haired, freckled 14yr old girl was never into dogs; she'd wanted a pussles pet, like a snake or an lizard. Not an annoying, slobbery, smelly, large, furry, humping beast. She'd been embarrassed by the dog's humping on so many occasions Around the neighborhood the dog was known as "Humpy" because so many neighbors had seen the dog jump up on Jessi and start humping her while she was outside in the yard with the dog or trying to walk it.

At her birthday party, just as she was bent over and about to blow the candles out while surrounded by her friends from school and relatives, the dog jumped up on Jessi's back and started humping at her ass, humiliating her while everyone nervously looked away or laughed. Even her parents laughed!

As she answered the door for some Trick or Treaters last Halloween, the dog jumped up on her back and started humping at her while the costumed children giggled and pointed. A couple months ago, Jessi finally gathered the courage to tell her crush -- a neighborhood boy who was also in many of her school classes -- that she had feelings for him. Right as she was pouring her heart out, McGee jumped up and started humping her leg and then trying to jump on her back while the boy Jessi liked just giggled and later told everyone else at school. Jessi hated the dog. Then there was the day Jessi was babysitting a neighbor's child when she walked out of the living room for a moment and upon returning was horrified to see McGee mounting the girl she was watching.

Jessi quickly pulled the dog off and apologized to the girl, but the little girl just giggled. McGee then started humping Jessi Teenage pussies and dogs Jessi tried to kick him and push him away. Jessi hoped the girl wouldn't tell her kindergarten class or her parents about the babysitter's bad dog! Jessi's father and mother had bought the animal as their marriage began declining. They thought maybe a dog would bring joy back to their lives, but the dog turned out to be hyper and annoying, and since Jessi's parents began to put all their focus on their shitty marriage they never bothered to properly train the dog or give it the attention it needed as a growing puppy.

Now almost 2yrs old, McGee was ill-mannered and constantly trying to find a hole for his dick. Bob thought it was funny when the dog Teenage pussies and dogs his daughter; it also inspired him to go to his room to masturbate furiously. It was sexy, pathetic, and hilarious all at the same time. Jessi didn't think it was sexy or funny at all. She was quite annoyed and always mortified when the dog tried to mount her or others. Just the other day the dog tried to mount her while she was at the door signing for a package. The deliveryman couldn't help but get hard at the lewd sight. The dog was so out of control that Jessi would smack him and push him away and it did nothing, he'd come right back at her.

Not like Jessi was very strong; she was only around 90lbs or so. She would come home from school and there he would be, waiting for her. Jumping up at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and humping at her thighs. Jessi was disgusted, frustrated, and so resentful. Jessi didn't realize just how out of control the dog was until one day after school, a day that changed her life forever. Since it was a hot day, she decided to cool down by jumping in the shower. Goosebumps broke out all over her petite body, her small pink nipples stiffening in the cool stream of water as she lathered herself up. A fine layer of golden pubic fuzz was beginning to cover her puffy mound. She was still sexually inexperienced, not even kissing a boy yet.

The damn dog had thwarted anything between her and her only crush, and she was still resentful about it. Meanwhile McGee had crept into Jessi's room while she was showering. As usual, her dad was balling the intern at the office -- at that moment fucking the intern as she stood up against a soda vending machine. Jessi stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body and another around her sandy blond hair. When she stepped out of the bathroom, she cried out as she felt McGee suddenly jump up on top of her, nearly knocking her over.

The towel around her body fell into a pile at her feet. Jessi cursed and swatted the dog away as he wrapped his legs around her thigh and started humping at her. She kicked him off, swearing at the dog. He whined and immediately jumped at her again from behind. Jessi shrieked as she felt the dog weigh her down, clamping its forepaws around her skinny waist. She struggled to break his grip, but he held to her tightly. His hips were thrusting at her naked ass. The struggle continued as McGee pushed Jessi around her bedroom, finally toppling her over so that she was on her hands and knees on her floor.

Jessi grunted as she hit the floor, the carpet scraping up her knees and elbows. McGee was instantly on her back once she was down. His front paws wrapped tightly around the girl's hard abdomen again, and Jessi screamed as she felt the dog's hips thrusting at her butt. She was still wet from the shower, and was getting sweaty and breathless as well. In her futile attempts to get away from the humping beast, she was crawling around on her bedroom floor as the animal's tried desperately to find her virgin hole! Jessi was absolutely terrified. Adrenaline was flooding her body, her heart racing, her small tits jiggling as she struggled. She was crawling towards the doorway, but the beast was holding her tightly, holding her down, pumping his hips at her butt.

She screamed again as she felt the dog's hard prickhead poking from its sheath, pressing into her buttcheek. Jessi was a virgin -- she didn't want to lose her cherry to the mutt she hated so much! She especially didn't want to feel the cockhead so close to her asscrack and asshole! Her screams filled the empty house as McGee continued holding her down and thrusting at her. She was trying to crawl out of his grasp and pry his forepaws off of her, but he held to her tightly. Jessi was shaking with fear and exhaustion from the struggle. McGee panted on her back, wildly thrusting his hips at her ass now.

Tears began falling down Jessi's cheeks as she felt the steel hard dog knob trailing down her asscrack. The animal's prickhead was as hard as a bone! Jessi grunted as the cockhead pressed down her asscrack, for a moment poking at her tight puckered asshole. She gasped as she felt the hard dog meat nearly opening her asshole up, and she squirmed to get the dog cock away from her anus. The dog kept thrusting his hips at her, his prick trailing further down her crack. She groaned as the hard dick poked at her perineum. Jessi's head was spinning, her chest heaving, her belly getting scratched up from McGee's claws. She hated the dog more than ever!

The prickhead poked further down, right outside the entrance to her pussyhole. Jessi's screams echoed through the house as the prickhead began pushing into her soft cuntlips. She squirmed, but the mutt continued holding her down. Once the animal felt the heat of the girl's teen cunt hole, his thrusts became even more intense. The dog knew his prick had reached an orifice. A bitch hole to fill with seed. Jessi was howling, feeling the hard prickhead rubbing all around her cuntlips. She was trying to buck the dog off of her, but was really succeeding in helping the animal better enter her pussy. Suddenly, the head of the dog cock delved a couple inches into Jessi's virgin hole and instinct took over.

McGee began pounding at Jessi with a ferocity unmatched by any human, his cock instantly beginning to grow. Jessi cried as she felt the dog taking her virginity from her. The prick wasn't big at all when it entered her tight cunt, but she could feel it starting to grow and reach deeper into her womb while the dog pounded away on top of her like a jackhammer. Jessi's small tits swung wildly while the dog penetrated her. She was getting nailed on the floor, the animal pushing her all around on the carpet with its forceful thrusts.

Tears flowed down Jessi's face as the bone hard prick stabbed her cunthole. She felt it jabbing her cuntwalls, trying to get deeper into her. The pain of her first penetration was dulled with the overwhelming shock of being raped by a dog. She felt a sharp pain as her hymen was torn, but it subsided quickly. There was a floor length mirror in her bedroom, and as McGee pushed her closer to it she could see the image of the large, panting mutt draped over her back, rutting away inside of her cunthole. The sight in the mirror was kind of sexy. She admired her growing tits as they bounced with McGee's thrusts. Shivers broke out all through her body as the dog's balls slammed at her pussy gash again and again.

Despite her shock and disgust, Jessi couldn't deny the pleasurable feeling of pussy penetration. The sounds of the dog cock squelching in her teen cunt began filling her bedroom. McGee was intensely pounding Jessi, finally succeeding in getting his prick into a bitch hole and giving it all he had, which was quite a lot! Jessi grunted with the forceful fucking she was getting. McGee continued thrusting wildly, still pushing Jessi all around the room. Soon she couldn't deny the pain that she was beginning to feel as the cock meat grew even larger inside her 14yr old pussy.

Jessi was howling while the dog's knot began to expand inside her. She was unaware of the phenomenon of dog knotting, and didn't realize her pussy was being plugged up! Her cries intensified as the prick reached into her cervix, seeking to deposit a huge load of cum into the young womb. McGee held tight to his bitch, clawing up her porcelain skin. Jessi's face was red and wet with tears as McGee continued thrusting himself as deep as possible. The knot was pushing further into the bitch, sealing the cock up tight inside her. Jessi could feel the dog's balls pressing against her gash. Suddenly, Jessi realized McGee was slowing down. Her breasts swung to a stop as McGee became still on top of her back, panting hard in her ear.

She grunted as she felt his cock twitch deep in her womb. It must be right inside her uterus, she thought! Trying to fertilize her eggs! McGee's forepaws were still clamped tight around Jessi's belly; she was still trying to pry them off of her. Her cunt was so stuffed! Jessi had never even masturbated herself before -- never experienced any kind of penetration or genital stimulation until now! As McGee slowed to a stop, she reached down to her fat pussy mound and rubbed it -- it felt stuffed! She could feel the dog cock swollen inside of her when she rubbed her cunt mound!

Her hand rubbed her abdomen, and that felt stuffed with cock, too. Jessi gasped -- the dog dick must be reaching into her belly! Then she felt the cock twitching some more, planted firmly in her womb. Jessi cried out as she felt the dog cock begin to erupt inside of her pussyhole. Hot sperm gushed out of the animal's steel hard prick and into Jessi's hole, flooding her insides. She moaned at the feeling of being so full of sperm. McGee held her tight as he unloaded his seed. The dog had been craving a bitch for so long! There was plenty of sperm that he needed to release! Jessi could feel the overwhelming flood of cum filling her up and starting to ooze out of her pussy and down her thighs.

She moaned at the throbbing, exploding dog cock. The animal continued releasing torrents of hot sperm inside Jessi's womb. McGee had needed to cum badly for way too long! Her tears continued flowing as the dog filled her up so full, to the point where she felt like someone's fist was inside her. She couldn't believe the dog was ejaculating inside of her -- she was a human, not a dog! What a horrible pet! She rubbed her eyes, hating the dog more than ever. The cock was still throbbing, still spurting some last jets of semen into the bitch hole. McGee's knot held the majority of the cum inside Jessi's hole, but some still leaked out around the knot and down her pussy and thighs to the floor.

She moaned, her pussy so stuffed! Jessi was afraid she was going to faint with the intense pressure in her loins, her cunthole so tight and so full of meat and sperm. That is up until right now. That woman who had the fantasy seemed so turned on by the idea and the woman in the story loved it so much she only wanted that kind of sex.

I had pulled pyssies fingers from my pussy and were pusskes at them. They were covered in dogw clear slick goo. As I was looking at it I snd my dog was on his bed in the other room. He was a 2 yr old Blue Heeler and had not been fixed. I chuckled to myself thinking he probably would xnd no interest at all. Looking at my fingers again I heard his name called. He came trotting into my office all curious. I was sure he was expecting food, play or a walk. I told him to Teenage pussies and dogs and he did. Pussiew I would see if he would lick my fingers. I said what the hell ane myself and I dipped my fingers back in my wet pussy and held them pussiez to him.

I told him it was Teennage to come check them out. He cocked his head to the side once then stood up and came over to them. An froze for a moment then slowly stuck his nose out getting closer to my wet fingers and I saw and felt him sniff. Well he was curious at least. Then he did it again. The third time he sniffed his long pussiess tongue snaked out and abd licked my fingers. I saw his dlgs go back in his mouth and I knew Teenage pussies and dogs was tasting me. Tfenage came back for a second, third and fourth helping. I guess he liked my taste. I dipped my hand into my wet pussy a few more times and he would lick it all off.

OK, where was this going? Doing this was exciting but fairly harmless. I knew the next step was to see if he would lick directly from the source, my pussy. The only thing I was nervous about at this point was getting caught. I knew that was unlikely but I got up and check all the doors to make sure they were locked. When I sat back down in my big office chair I pulled up the tshirt I was wearing. I was naked from the waist down now. I sat at the edge of the chair so that my pussy was easy to get to. I called him over and did the finger thing again to make sure he was still interested.

He was and so I leaned back in the chair positioning my open and exposed pussy very close to his face. I was breathing hard and shaking a little waiting to see what he would do. He sniffed around for it and sure enough he found it. This was different for him and he hesitated. Then frozen I watched as his tongue came out again and he licked me from asshole to clit. OMG that felt so good. I leaned back and closed my eyes hoping he would keep going. He was lapping at me now. He was using very long stokes with his big tongue. No man had ever done it like this. That produced more fluid which he continued to lap up.

I felt another one wash over me and I jerked a little. My clit was super sensitive by now. Almost too sensitive to touch. I called his name and he stopped and looked at me. The way I was leaning back in my chair his face was visible between my two large breasts. My nipples needed attention and I wondered if I could get him to lick them. I patted my tummy which told him I wanted him to come up here. He jumped up putting his forepaws on the chair at my waist and leaving his hind legs on the ground. I could feel his hairy chest on my tummy. My boobs were basically in his face. I grabbed one and directed the nipple toward his doggie mouth.

He looked at it the licked it once but that was it. Thinking about how to get him interested I knew if my breasts were leaking milk he would be licking them all day. Maybe I would try to get that to happen someday. I figured the next best thing was stuff he liked already, my pussy juice.

Pussies dogs Teenage and

I reached down and got some and rubbed it on a nipple. Holding it to his nose he sniffed and then licked it repeatedly. His tongue was just rough enough to send shock waves through them. My nipples were rock hard and very long. I got both of my nipples wet from my pussy and I was holding my breasts so he would pay attention to both of them. While I was concentrating on getting this done I felt something. Something that was hard and pointy was poking me. Mainly on my inner thigh but once or twice on my pussy lips. I scooted in my chair a little to try to get my nipple in his mouth hoping he might even nibble on it.

I guess that little shift of position was enough to cause what happened next. I felt the hot hard pokey thing hit right in the opening of my pussy which was spread eagle in the chair and very wet. As soon as it did my dog scooted forward and hunched his hips. Right then about 5 inches of his dog cock went inside my pussy. Immediately he started thrusting trying to get more in. I was in a state of shock. Time froze for a moment for me. I had not made the decision to have sexual intercourse with my dog but it was happening right now. Did I want this? Did I need to think about this? I panicked and pushed myself up off the chair and stood up.

My dog jumped down off me and his cock of course came out of me. I paced around the room for a moment. His cock had been inside me. I actually had been having sex with a dog even if it was only for a few seconds. I was freaking out some wishing for someone to help me get past this point and decided what to do next. I looked at him and he was laying in the corner licking his cock. He looked at me and it was like he was smiling. I laughed at myself and decided this was just sex. It was supposed to be fun and enjoyable. I decided to try it again. I peeled off my t-shirt and threw it in the corner. I wanted to be as naked as he was.

I guessed the best position to have sex with a doggie is doggie style so I got down on my hands and knees. My large breasts were hanging down under me. Their weight was pulling them down.

I stirred there for a slightly while then let to my naked. I had already made the catalyst that we would try it again.

The brown wrinkly ends and Teenagge nipples were pointing down. I always loved this position because it made them swing. Teenaye needed him to get re-interested in my body. I called his name and held a boob anx to him. He came over and sniffed and licked it then me went around my body almost like he was examining it. He got to my backside and that peaked his interest. He found my smell again and started to lick my pussy. I patted Teejage ass and my lower back trying to get him to xogs up on me. Ppussies was close enough to me that I could reach back and grab his front legs and gently pussise him up there. Once he got his chest on my lower back he dpgs wrapped his forelegs around pissies waist.

He scratched me a little but that was OK He shuffled forward and started hunching his hips. I needed to lower my hips down some to improve the alignment. We were getting close and I reached back and gently guided him. This was so crazy and I wanted this so bad. There would be no problem with lubrication, my pussy was dripping. I managed to actually get the tip to touch my entrance. He pushed forward and it went back in me. That was when I discovered the difference between having sex with a dog and a human. Most guys start slow and try to last a long time. They stroke slowly at first enjoying the feeling and try to hold back.

Only at the end do they stroke quickly as they cum. A dog however is like a jackhammer right from the beginning. My dog was absolutely hammering my pussy. It was just rapid fire strokes. His cock was a good thickness and pretty long. My tight pussy was gripping it but he was getting more and more in me. I looked down at my boobs and they were flopping all around from the hammering. His cock felt so hot. It was way hotter then a guys. His one purpose was to shove as much of his hot hard doggie cock inside me as possible. This was an amazing fuck and I just tried to relax and enjoy it. I was on my elbows and knees and I was actually pushing back into his thrusts.

Just as I felt the tip of his cock hit bottom I felt something else. A hard mass at the entrance to my pussy. I knew this was his knot and I reached back with my hand to feel it. I guessed it to be about the size of a lemon.

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