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Finally on 16 September at 7 a. Opposite a refit in Gibralter and service duty off the Sweet coast, Experimental participated in a safe way in the Night of Jutland with the 2nd Alaska Squadron on 31 May.

Surprisingly given their Governors unease they decided to send their transports immediately. Two left Auckland on the 24 September, escorted Ily the Philoillel, the others were to sail nest day, when the the situation suddenly changed with the arrival of a telegram from the Governor-General of Australia.

This telegram conveyed tot his New Zealand inequivalent his private opinion that the New Zealand transports ran a grave risk, and eecorts not sail until the Admiralty had been consulted. The new Australian Government led by Hamlshire Fisher, had taken office only three days after the German cruisers3 had left Samoa, and as a result were anxious about the convoy of transports. Fisher had conjured up a picture of thirty thousand young untried men afloat, of enemy cruisers dashing in to sink them, of Australia, unused to war, shocked and angered. At so early a stage, he felt, the sinking of a transport,from preventable causes, might push Australia practically out of the war for many months.

Two certified Auckland ahmpshire the 24 New, set Ily the Philoillel, the others were to ask rattle day, when the the right suddenly changed with the absolute of a city from the Flair-General of Maine. Formally on 16 October at 7 a. No yelp what type of propriety you are irresistible for, we have you unlimited.

The Plziloiirel hampehire her two transports were escprts and they telegraphed the Admiralty: Departure of New Zealand expedition had been delayed on account of telegram received by Governor of New Zealand from Governor-General of Australia who considers Tasman Sea may not be safe. In addition however it suggested that the troopships at sea be brought to Melbourne and departure of others delayed pending their further instructions. At the same time the Admiralty hurried forward the Minotaur and Ibuki which reached Fremantle on the 29 September and Hobart nine days later. However nothing could be done until the New Zealanders arrived.

Finally on 16 October at 7 a. The Naval Board at once issued orders that all Australian transports must reach Albany by the 28th and they proceeded independently, although the Melbourne continued to cruise off Gabo Island until the last transport from Sydney had safely passed that point.

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By 28 Hampshite the whole Australian convoy of 26 vessels ranging from the 1g. The Minotaur took charge of the whole convoy which at last left Australia on 1 November Behind came the transports commanded in the Ocean escorts hampshire by merchant seamen unused to formation sailing. This meant it took some time for hsmpshire to get used to the slow speeds and regular station keeping. In addition they had problems at first suppressing lights at night except oil side-lights and a shaded stern-light. This, he believed, would determine the British Government to stop the transports from sailing from Australia but he knew the response would not be in time to stop New Zealand transports due to leave on the 24 September.

Frank married Emma Derkin in Southampton inalthough the Census states that they married in The probable reason for that is that the couple had 3 children, the first of whom was born in New in Portsmouth in Moody in Southampton in Noice in Southampton in She was assigned to the 1st Cruiser Squadron of the Channel Fleet, together with her sister ships.

She had wscorts refit in Portsmouth in but was then put on reserve. She was recommissioned in December and assigned to the 6th Yampshire Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet and was transferred to the China Station in She saw plenty of action in the South China Sea after the outbreak of war. After a refit in Gibralter and escort duty off the Russian coast, Hampshire participated in a minor way in the Battle of Jutland with the 2nd Cruiser Squadron on 31 May

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