Good hardcore christin music

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What is the Best Christian Metal/Hardcore Band???? [you’re moshing 4 Christ]

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If you notice a band isn't on this list and should be, feel free to add them.

Music Good hardcore christin

I think they sound kind of like a faster, less doomy Confessor?? Which of these bands is your favorite?? Reminds me a lot of Embodyment, actually. Zao To be honest, I never really liked Zao back in the day, and I am still kind of lukewarm on them. The songs are a little long, with odd, almost schizophrenic arrangements, but still very cool, innovative and catchy at least to me, but I like Spastic Ink so what do I know. Speaking of which, I saw them at a church in 98 or so and Jesse was wearing eyeliner and sparkly red Creepers. In this post, I will list a few of my favorite Christian bands.

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Unlike other Christian rock bandsChristian hardcore bands don't wear their religion on their sleeve since they don't want to abandon fans primarily due to their religious beliefs. The beauty of the Christian hardcore movement is that the message - while focused on religion - also focuses on an uplifting lyrical matter, and use Christian imagery as well. Why do people like Zao so much???? Christian hardcore has grown in popularity since it first emerged in the late s and s.

This list answers the questions "who are the best Christian hardcore bands of all time? What bands did I forget? These bands have rabid fanbases who aren't afraid to go nuts at their live shows, just like at non-religious hardcore punk shows.

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