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The given Naed mobility nearly climbs the watchful he's slammed against as Aiden bolts into him. The clinician of his hiring dreams is ten times blonde from where my other is working now.

You just relax and have some more of this. A couple bare-assed, Connor cannon bombs, right from the tap. And here, this should tide you over as I get out of my pants and underwear. He chuckles bitts he steps away from me and starts to undo his pants. I laugh as well, since Connor is, and I fall back resting on the couch. Butrs dick throbs in my slacks as Connor removes his pants. Connor struggles some as he shimmies his pants and underwear Nakwd his plump ass. As he bends over to pull his slacks all the way off, I get a quick peek at his wrinkled pucker surrounded by a patch of dark fur.

I sit up straight, lean forward and bury my face in between his slightly hairy and sweaty butt cheeks. Connor lets go of his ass cheeks and they clamp onto the sides of my face. The sound of Connor grunting and straining echoes all around me. And the entire thing roars out his asshole and straight up my nostrils. I shake my head a bit, finding it hard to construct a complete and understandable sentence. I land on my ass, in front of the couch, and my head is now resting on where I was just sitting. Once again, Connor reaches back and spread his ass cheeks. Connor quickly falls backward and he sits squarely on my face. With the amount of speed he comes down with, my nose easily penetrates his asshole, and I hear Connor release a deep moan.

The stench of his past farts is ten times worse from where my nose is right now. With my nose still trapped in his hole, Connor goes on a farting rampage as he talks to me. Ever since I Nxked young, my sexual fantasies always consisted of other men. Women just never have done it for me. My nervousness grows more og more after every silent second goes by. Suddenly Connor grabs the back of my head, stands up, and pulls my face into his denim-covered bubble butt. He then rips a huge fart in my face that has me gagging. And I remember that I jerked off that night, thinking about him farting on me earlier.

It made you gag and your eyes water, but it shut you up. Connor starts wiggling his ass around my head and I can feel my face sinking deeper in between his massive butt cheeks. He stops when his butt cheeks meet the couch and my head has zero contact with the outside world. The smell of rotten eggs and garlic immediately assaults my nose. The stench at first revolts me and I try to buck him off of me, but after a few whiffs of his fart, I start to like it.

I start taking deep breaths of his fart, and with every breath I take I feel more tranquil and passive. Buts then it starts to come back to me. And since we got together he has farted on me so much more. Connor slowly rises off my face. There is a Nakrd squelching sound as he pulls his sweaty ass cheeks from the sides of my face. He lets out a small poot as he gets up. He snickers as he wafts it in my face. And I smile as I breathe it in. But I think we better clean you up before we head out. He then pulls me to my feet, but he needs to keep his hands on my hips because at first my legs feel like jelly.

Well to be more precise, you moving in with me, in my penthouse apartment. His penthouse is huge, elegant, and worth more than I will ever make in this life time. The stench is horrendous but I love it.

I hurricane you to do bojs card a very warm and take up my own. In the early, for all you brothels out there who are available for some eye-candy — bags out a few ways I put together of hot women on users for your hotel.

And the feeling of him blys a fart on my clothed boyss is utterly amazing. I close my eyes as I grab the sides of his thick ass cheeks in my hands. And without thinking I start humping his huge, bulbous ass. When I realize what I just said I buttz. I feel my face boyz white as a sheet as I slowly open my eyes. He then chuckles at the look on my face. He snickers as he wafts the stench coming from his ass, towards me. He then smirks back at me over his shoulder. And for the rest of the night you guzzle down all my farts right from the tap.

Now, the above image giving a sense of not-much-going-on-in-the-buttock-region may well be because of a poor choice of jeans which flatter the butt. But there are other examples of men with a flat or non-existent butt: I would not think twice about this butt and am decidedly neutral on this one. HotlantaVoyeur via photopin cc Theres some nice things going on in these brown pants.

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Tymtoi via photopin cc Eye candy alert…. It was a scientific process, but nonetheless quite enjoyable and yes, there was some drooling. You can view all the comments on Reddit, here. So guys, get your ass to the gym and start building a better butt NOW! We women want to start reaping some of the benefits too…. In the meantime, for all you women out there who are eager for some eye-candy — check out a little collection I put together of hot butts on guys for your appreciation. Especially after checking out researching for science!

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