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It is assumed that the infestation was connected to a company that worked with packaging and had Asixn been located in the area. An infested maple tree was spotted in a garden in Cornuda in An infested group of trees was discovered in Maser in Gorned holes and egg-laying sites were discovered on a maple tree in a private garden in Grottazzolina in August Both infestations have now been eradicated. The first outbreak Aslan this pest in the Netherlands was discovered in Almere inwhich was an unusual infestation owing to the fact that both living and dead beetles as well as larvae were found in an industrial park, but there were no eggs.

Some exit holes were presumably around three years old by the time they were detected. The infestation has now been eradicated. Another infestation site was discovered in in Winterswijk and some of the exit holes there were also three years old. Four years laterthis infestation has been reported as eradicated. Two infestation sites have been eradicated. This site was peculiar, owing to the fact that no exit holes were found despite intensive searching. It came to light in that this outdoor infestation was caused by the shipment of infested firewood from Marly Fribourgwhich was only discovered in This discovery made it clear that, in addition to checking potentially infested trees, stores of firewood should be monitored.

However, inbeetles, larvae and exit holes were spotted once again.

At that point, similar control measures to those used in the infested area in Winterthur were implemented. Adults locate host trees by using visual or chemical cues and detect mates by using both short-range and contact pheromones. Adult females have a life span of about 66 days, during which they can lay between 50 and individual eggs, depending on their geographic strain, the host trees available, and exposure to Asian long horned in the environment. Mated females chew a pit in the bark on the upper trunk or main branches of a host tree and deposit a single 6-mm- 0. The egg hatches in 7 to 14 days.

The legless larva creates a feeding tunnel by chewing through the cambium layer of actively dividing cells into sapwood and heartwood. In Canada, complete development has been confirmed only on maple, birch, poplar, and willow, although oviposition has occurred on other tree genera. Maple is the most commonly infested tree genus in North America, followed by elm and willow. In Europe, complete development has been recorded on maple, Aesculus, alderbirch, hornbeambeechash, planes, poplar, Prunuswillow, and Sorbus. The top five host genera infested in Europe, in decreasing order, are maple, birch, willow, Aesculus, and poplar.

Not all poplar species are equally susceptible to attack. Eggs hatch in 13—54 days depending on temperature.

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Eggs that have not hornfd enough, such as those laid in late summer or early fall, will overwinter and hatch the following season. The number of copulation events did not significantly affect female longevity. In nature, this time requirement for copulation could be satisfied by one or more matings of longer duration multiple copulationsrather than through a series of short encounters. During the experiment where 3 beetles male and female were put together in different combinations and sequences, our observations suggested that several semiochemicals are likely involved in the mating process.

Full, another local was sane in Gallspach, which is also served in Upper Abilene. Girls are active from Consideration or May through Would. Still the beetles can only lay his services in living wood, its larvae can have within pop slats.

We observed that when males were added after a female was present, one-third of the males walked slowly, palpating the bark as if following a chemical trail directly to the female then mounted the female after his antennae contacted her. We also observed that approximately one-third of the females located the males and made the first contact, but were not mounted until after the male contacted the female with his antennae. If an aggressive male to male encounter occurred first then the percentage of opposite sexes finding each other declined dramatically. The adults can also cause damage by feeding on leaves, petioles and bark.

Damage to the fruiting shoots of fruit trees results in particular economic loss. Environmental Impact Top of page Existing problems with A. It is not clear how damaging this pest could be to its host trees in natural or managed forests. Lomg Top of page Kethidi et al. As larvae mature, they enter the heartwood of the tree, destroying the quality of the wood, while feeding by large numbers of beetle larvae can kill trees by girdling them. Sap flows heavily from these large wounds and infested trees are prone to secondary attack by other diseases and insects.

This beetle adversely affects the human environment by killing valuable shade and park trees, as well as injuring or even killing forest trees of economic value e. The primary impact of ALB has been on street trees in several infected sites.

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