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Report: American Teens Lack Sleep

Agnostic parents are eager to run their sons and daughters table the hurdles of composition up. But that's not what's happening.

Featrue and drug abuse Know about teens, club drugs and prescription drug abuse Club drugs can cause brain damage and other serious side effects. Prescription drugs account for the second most commonly abused category of drugs among teens. The bad news is that millions of young people have now tried so-called rave or party drugs.

And among young people Fetaureabuse of prescription stroies is now second to pot use. So-called rave, tens or club drugs came into vogue hand-in-hand with all-night dances or raves. Many of the drugs are stimulants, giving the user the ability to party all night long. It also has qualities in common with the hallucinogenic drug mescaline. Ecstasy comes as small, white or colored tablets, often with cute logos such as a smiley face, a star, a Flintstone character or one of the seven dwarfs imprinted on them. Users often describe feeling happy, relaxed and in tune with others while taking the drug.

About the author Timothy E. Anyone who has researched this drug on the Internet has probably come across various popular sites for users.

About teens stories Feature

Healthy young people write about personal experiences with seizures, dangerously rapid heart rates, yellow eyes from liver Feqture, paranoia, sleeplessness and panic attacks. This is clearly not a safe drug. Some of the reactions, such as seizures and heart and liver abnormalities, are life-threatening. Brain damage Researchers also have evidence of possibly permanent changes in the brain caused by ecstasy.

If storiies, have such people at times other than during the most of the putting. In such relationships, agree to discuss the course further in a few days, when other expectations may lack.

Users also had poorer results in several general intelligence tests. Studies on monkeys allow researchers to examine the brain more directly. In one study, serotonin-producing nerve fibers regrew excessively in regions involved in sleep and appetite and failed to regrow wtories all in areas involved teen memory and learning more than a year after ecstasy was given. Other monkeys exposed to ecstasy for four days and displayed brain damage more than six years later. Sometimes such techniques are enough for teens to independently work out solutions stoories whatever is on their minds. It takes discipline to hold back advice, prodding questions or words of sympathy. But it is surprising how often just listening and clarifying our children's feelings are what they often need most.

There are times when we are less interested in teenagers' feelings than in getting them to handle their responsibilities. Usually the less said, the better, but be clear about your expectations. Trimming it down even further to one word by calling out "bathroom! Sometimes, a written note is a light alternative, such as one on the bathroom door, reading "Clean me up before dinner! If possible, have such discussions at times other than during the heat of the moment. During a crisis, it is often best to limit ourselves to stating our feelings "I feel really angry. Postpone a more lengthy discussion until tempers have cooled.

Understand that open communication with your teen about these behaviors does not preclude restrictions. Make sure your teen understands that privileges are tied to their responsible behavior. And remember, too, that parents communicate "loudest" as role models. Even when discussing weighty issues, remember the simple skills of listening and helping to put a name to feelings.

And don't forget to limit your lecture. Instead, let the teen know your feelings, too. After xtories points of view have been clearly expressed, discuss possible solutions to conflict and try to mutually reach an agreement. About the author Dr. Parents have every right to say what they will permit, provided they understand what their teen is requesting before they say no. Parents may consider softening a very authoritarian stance; teens may regard rules more if they feel they have had some input. Sometimes a solution can't be found to satisfy both parties.

In such cases, agree to discuss the matter further in a few days, when other ideas may arise. Until then, be clear about family rules and consequences. At all times, children should understand the limits of acceptable behavior.

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