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Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Literature

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But yes, if fofum dig down enough, you can find those books that make the hard hunt worth the effort. Indie fantasy also tends to be incredibly cheap — you can find some of the books given away for FREE, while others may be. So use my list as a guide, but not the ONLY guide. Then actually having to read the books, even more time consuming.

Forum Teen fantasy

It is very hard to sort out the jewels from the trash. Indie fantasy tends to be under a couple bucks — at least half Tefn cost of traditionally published authors, and sometimes a third or even less. So at form very least, use this list as a starting road map into the landscape of independently published fantasy. And you may find a wide variety of eclectic fiction that you'd never ever see published the traditional way -- exotic stories and setting that are bursting with creativity and imagination -- books that NEED to be read.

Amazon, by allowing authors to self publish on the Amazon marketplace and keeping 70 percent of the profitshave overturned the status quo of the book industry, toppling the monopoly held by the Big Six publishing houses who have, before this, acted as the gate keepers of fiction. And For More Recommendations Yes, there are many self published authors making six and even seven figures thanks to the Amazon market place — selling hundreds of thousands — even millions — of digital copies.

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And there's quite a bit of hidden gems to find if you know just what to look for. I will be keeping this list updated from month to month to point out NEW recommendations -- so it's certainly not a final list. First finding the books to check out the indie marketplace is like an ocean with the available books as numerous as fish -- and we are trying to find a specific kind of fish here It's been years in the making, but I've finally put my best efforts into giving a good guide to what's hot in the self-pub fantasy world. It's my personal pick of best, but you WILL find a lot more if you go hunting.

Millions of copies sold,a Riddely Scott Movie later, and now he's nearly as famous as Gandhi.

The Best Indie Fantasy Books. For every hidden jewel, you'll have to dig through a lot of dirt. This Best Indie List has been thouroughly updated November to reflect new indie books that have come out since the list was first published in

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