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The women showed marked differences in orgasm duration and the number of contractions. Two women had no regular contractions during reported orgasms.

Are contractions What pussy

In a study, pelvic contractions of 11 women who manually self-stimulated to orgasm were monitored using an anal conhractions and a vaginal probe simultaneously. Area and net area of the pressure waveforms, reflecting pelvic muscular exertion force x timeincreased during the regular orgasmic contractions. Three of the women's orgasms consistently included only a series of regular contractions; for six other women, orgasms consistently continued beyond the regular series with additional irregular contractions.

Near the perceived start of orgasm, a series of regular contractions began in nine of the women.

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For six other women, orgasms consistently continued beyond the regular series with contractiona irregular contractions orgasm type II. Jump to navigation Jump to search Vaginal contractions are contractions of the pelvic muscles surrounding the vaginaespecially the pubococcygeus muscle. Identification of these types in subjects is important for meaningful comparison of contraction parameters in different studies. Mean intercontraction intervals increased linearly at an increment of about 0.

Though usually an involuntary response, some women can control the muscles of contrctions vagina to perform vaginal contractions at will. This pattern, type IV, had not been recorded in men. Types I and II had been identified previously in men. It has been suggested that vaginal contractions during orgasm can increase the chances of pregnancy as they transport sperm up the reproductive tract from the vagina to the oviducts, which decreases the distance it has to travel. Vaginal contractions are generally an involuntary muscular response to sexual stimulationincluding sexual arousaland are commonly most intense during sexual stimulation and culminating in orgasm.

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