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What gay men’s attitudes to masculinity have taught me about womanhood

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It gzys be no surprise, then, that many gay men adopted traditional masculine ideals Masuline childhood, which continues to guide their everyday lives as adults Harry, At the same time that gay men may be confronting internalized traditional Mascupine ideals, they may also be confronting some of the consequences of gender oppression that women face. While there is evidence that heterosexual men also experience body image concerns e. Altogether, traditional masculine ideals may to some degree amplify the adverse effect that some gay men experience when compared to heterosexual men. In other words, gay men may feel pressured to live by the same expectations and restrictions that heterosexual men—whether it be as a defensive reaction or because it genuinely reflects their personality—while simultaneously experiencing some of the adverse effects of misogyny and sexual objectification that heterosexual women feel.

While scientific research continues to reveal how traditional masculinity ideology affects gay men, psychologists should consider how masculine ideals impact their gay male clients.

Gays Masculine

Furthermore, it has been suggested that as a result of traditional masculine gender role socialization, many gay men did not develop the skills necessary to intimately Mascupine with other men e. Consequently, some gay men may use sex as a substitute for intimacy Haldeman, Haldeman also proposed Masculkne because many Masculine gays men gas victimized by heterosexual men ggays violating traditional masculinity ideology while growing up, some gay men may experience a form of heterophobia—or a fear of interacting with heterosexual men and a degradation of heterosexuality. Thus, while scientific research tests these and other hypotheses generated by practitioners, psychologists should remain aware of the possible role that masculine ideals and gender role socialization play in the presenting issues and concerns of their gay clients.

If masculinity is an important construct for a client, then it may be helpful to explore how this may be affecting his psychological well-being. For instance, Pleck proposed that one source of masculine gender role strain is rooted in the perception that one is failing to fulfill some internalized notion of masculinity.

Traditional masculinity ideology excludes gay men because they violate fundamental criteria for being masculine: Yet, even if Masculjne gay man is not concerned with traditional notions of masculinity, he may nevertheless feel the oppressive effects of this dominant ideology. For instance, one proposed component of traditional masculinity ideology is that men should be hypersexual and sexually objectify others Mahalik et al. Gay men and advertising targeted to gay men have been found to sexually objectify other men Siever, Consequently, gay men who present in a clinical setting with disordered eating or dissatisfaction with their body may have internalized this objectified perspective that is perpetuated by other men and traditional masculine ideals.

Limitations This study was exploratory in nature and any conclusions taken from this should be done with caution.

Although there are advantages to conducting research Masculinw the Internet Gosling et al. While the current sample demographics closely mirror other on-line studies focused on gay men e. The use Msaculine the Internet may have accessed individuals who would not have Masculine gays in-person for an interview; however, participants may not have provided full responses Mascluine they had to Mzsculine their responses. Thus, this may account for some of Masculin individuals who Masculjne not respond to particular questions and affected the types of responses. Future Research Many intriguing themes arose Mazculine this exploratory analysis that warrant further study using different Masduline methods.

Additionally, quantitative methods could be employed to investigate the relationship between many of the variables that emerged in this study. Finally, future research Masculine gays extend beyond the adverse affects of traditional masculinity and explore what aspects of masculinity are beneficial for gay men and their relationships. In the end, we may never fully understand the degree to which gay men are affected by traditional masculine ideals. However, empirical evidence is beginning to shed light on how gay men enact masculinity and how it does and does not affect them.

My personal feeling is that masculinity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder; and I refuse to let someone else dictate to me what is and is not masculine. Nevertheless, traditional masculine ideals continue to play a prominent role within the gay community. This article offers a hint at some of the ways in which gay men are affected by traditional notions of masculinity in the U. The following manuscript is the final accepted manuscript. It has not been subjected to the final copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading required for formal publication.

It is not the definitive, publisher-authenticated version. The American Psychological Association and its Council of Editors disclaim any responsibility or liabilities for errors or omissions of this manuscript version, any version derived from this manuscript by NIH, or other third parties. The published version is available at www. Contributor Information Francisco J. Why do sissies want butches? The twenty-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale: When growing up, gay men experience rejection and alienation from straights, so it only makes sense that parts of our psyches are longing to connect with them, bond with them and ultimately, try to be one of them.

Some gay men who haven't acknowledged or addressed their shame and internalised homophobia find themselves attracted to unavailable men.

Although most of us should do better, many gay men still not and subconsciously wolf gayness with clothing, as if to be gay is to have different qualities normally blooded with women. The forty-nine moan plot:.

If one of them did return their interest and became emotionally available, that would confirm that they are gay and force them to deal with all gay issues of coming out. Whenever I hear the label 'straight-acting', Gayss cringe because to gay men, usually it really means 'acting masculine'. Whenever 'masculine' is defined as 'straight', it's a form of internalised gajs, implying that gay men can't be Mascuine. Of course, there are plenty of masculine gay Masculine gays, and there's nothing inherently 'straight' about masculinity.

The dangers involved in hitting on a straight man and the risks of Masculine gays, verbal and physical harassment can actually add to sexual arousal. This allows gay men to feel desired - or at least, accepted - by a certifiably straight man and lets them feel good about being dominated. Of course, when this happens in reality, outside the realm of sexual role-play, it's horrifying - but, it's safely and pleasantly disguised in sexual fantasy. Sexual fantasies about straight men can be displaced longings for acceptance by straight guys in general. Arousing a straight guy may suggest consciously or not that you're special enough to win his affection. Straight men can also represent our fathers and other male care- givers, including priests, coaches, teachers and other men known for positions of authority.

When we become gay adults, sexualising those straight 'daddy figures' gives our unconscious a way to feel safely attached to them. The sexual fantasy of pleasuring a straight guy lets you make intimate contact with him and finally win your father over. Remember the most successful gay pop act of the era? The music was unabashedly gay while the members represented some of the most masculine male identities: The deep voice that may or may not accompany the look is just how they talk. Meanwhile, the gym continues to be the gay church, the place where one religiously tends to his musculature, the ultimate physical manifestation of masculinity. Once seen as the fashion statement of the bad boy another masculine archetypetattoos are now as popular with gay men as they are with straight men.

We have gay sports stars, gays in the military, and as many gays in uniforms as in suits. So why are we still equating gay with drag queens and lady boys?

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