Helping victims of sexual assault

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What can friends and family members do to support survivors of sexual abuse?

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DO ask what they need Karen assumed she knew what her cousin needed after being assaulted, but Tammy felt further disempowered by Karen taking charge. Does the victim want you to listen to her story without interjecting? Or not to press her for any details? Does she want you to offer advice?

To take her to the ER? To make some calls for her? But it is utterly important to report the sexual assault to the authorities as soon as possible. After lodging a report with the police, a female officer will bring you to the hospital to have a rape kit done. When reporting a rape, police officers would take a detailed statement from you. They will also support you through the criminal justice system if you decide to report the assault to the police, including supporting you through the trial, should the case go to court.

You can tell someone you trust first, such as a friend, relative or teacher, who can help you get the support you need. TheSite is an organisation for young people that has made a video about what to expect if you visit a SARC. People of all ages may find this video useful. However, it can provide useful evidence if the case goes to court. You can decide at any stage if you would like a forensic medical examination. However, the sooner this takes place, the more chance of collecting evidence. Feel afraid, ashamed, angry, sad, lonely, betrayed, or depressed. Feel guilty and confused if you knew or had a relationship with the attacker, even though the assault was not your fault.

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Feel like you have no friends or that your friends won't believe you. Want to sxeual someone else or yourself. Feel like taking steps to defend yourself. Feel helpless to stop the assault. Feel hopeless about whether anything can be done. Be afraid to go anywhere that the attacker might be. Feel anxious all the time. Feel bad about yourself or your body.

Your friend may have lost perspective or may be struggling to pretend that things are not that serious. When you have good evidence for your concerns, go ahead and share it with your friend. The additional information will probably help him or her consider more realistic options. Get outside help when needed. In a crisis, your friend needs more help, not less. A trained therapist may be essential to helping your friend work through the assault and resume more effective coping. Your friend may need other forms of support, like dropping classes or changing his or her place of residence.

Your friend may also need limits on self-destructive behavior following an assault, such as excessive drinking, risk-taking, or suicidal behavior. Don't exclude other people from helping your friend. Don't try to do the job of people who have training to do it such as therapists. If you do all the problem-solving, your friend may miss opportunities to learn new ways of coping. He or she may also be reluctant to confront important but painful issues in therapy if they have already been discussed with you.

Sexual Helping assault of victims

Often both survivors and their supporters struggle with feeling helpless and angry in the aftermath, and it can take some time to learn how to respond. For many survivors, support is a crucial part of the healing process, and receiving compassionate and validating responses from friends and family can make a real difference. You may have difficulty in knowing what to say or do to help your loved one. You may find yourself feeling alarmed by the intensity of your own feelings. It can be helpful to recognize that it is natural for family members and supporters to experience their own sense of shock, anger and devastation.

Acknowledge the impact that this has on your own life, and seek outside support for yourself.

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