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I will likely as a utility because it is an Firdt of my flesh and you will not just me from being who I am in this hardcore daddy. He sided my kinky hair, blue eyes, and the real that my boner was matched for my best of 5' 6. Cool collection to you?.

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And look at those huge hairy balls of his at the base of his shaft, swollen and full with the mass of spunk he was desperate to unload inside me. And I could smell it. I inhaled that musky aroma of naked cock deep in through my nose, letting it flow into every part of my body. Open wide and show me those cock sucking skills you fucking whore. I wanted it rough. Skull fuck me you bastard! His girth was so huge they were stretched taught, it was like trying to swallow a tree trunk as he entered me-the salty taste and warmth of his flesh immediately filling my mouth. He powered in all the way, my mouth so full I felt like I could have burst at the seams as he hit the back of my throat, his gargantuan helmet cutting of my airway.

He held me there for several seconds as I choked, revelling in my discomfort, the tears streaming down my face. I imagined how I must have looked to him. All this time he had told me off about going out with dark mascara and now here he was ruining my black makeup. He pulled out, allowing me to cough, splutter and get my breath back, before ramming himself back in, holding my head still so he could use my mouth like a pussy, pistoning in and out between my lips, his full balls slapping into my chin again and again. He assailed me with yet more dirty talk as he pulverised my mouth. You like having a ten inch cock pound your fucking slut mouth.

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dith Then he licked through my dark brown pussy hair, caressing my cunt-lips with his wet tongue. Then I thought I'd go dady when he gently licked my clit. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter. There was no doubt. He was taking good care of my sexual need. Keep your legs spread, honey. He rested on top of me and stuck his fat cock into my hairy pussy. I held him close while he humped, taking in every inch he gave me. He gave me cock and I wanted more and more with every thrust. You give it better than mommy did. My own daddy fucking me. How wonderful it was the entire time.

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Shooting my load into you, baby! I yelled in ecstasy. You fucked my cunt so good!

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