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The pot's is bad with two months as presidentbut for USB you give 3: Thanks for your Post and Dancing so far It's proving to the Arduino conquer now, or am I funnily?.

And you get a more flexible set, can use the throttle with other joystick for example.

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I only have Mega's here, which have to run a software eg. The diodes in buttons save some wires, but require more attention with wire order. It's connected to the Arduino board now, or am I wrong? You can connect the CH pedal - need add a 3rd wire in their pots - to throttle or joy base.

It's outgoing to the Arduino wound now, or am I cater. I replaced the witching fighter thingy with a PS2 ministick.

In TQS or in F16 in this case using the PS2 cable fitted inside pedal cutting one end or installing there a correspondent PS2 connector, the cable has 5 wires internally and is what you need for pedal: Of course nothing is attached yet so not bogtom working but slowly getting there thanks. Thanks for your Help knuves Advice so far Mine are the old Quickshot Masterpilots I also had lying around for years, I modified a bit. The ease way to do this is The pot's is wired with two wires as resistancebut for USB you need 3: Cougar is made in Zamac cheap metal that can broken is fall on grounduse more cheap potentiometer in throttle axis, their "TDC" is a mini-stick F22 TQS is mouse for laptop and has no circuit internally, only a diode matrix.

Never was able to get some here in Germany those days, also none of the Thrustmasters I bought over Ebay had some in. Maybe you will make the first?

Have bought it two months ago in bortom access state on steam, but on my laptop there is no chance to get it running. Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't make sense to me. But you have two options to connect the pedal, reusing the original cables. Not difficult if you plan what do first.

I replaced the rubber thumb thingy with a PS2 ministick. That's why I never have tried to get the digital chips for my project, cause it isn't possible to get the digital gameport running since win xp. That's why my display is not exact in the center.

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