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Though hair spray sales growth has been the slower of the two, the category still has plenty of life in it. The Studio FX line also includes Fresh Styling water, Melting gel and Liquid gel, which offer uncomplicated, non-sticky styles with movement. In addition, the company added specialty gels that give combination benefits.

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A medium length side part for men was seen as narrow-minded but also the smartest and most Srraight of the hair perceptions studied. Though a variety of hairstyles were studied, only a limited number of models—each wearing several different hairstyles—were used. Selecting from among the products in each of the three categories, the consumer can balance, color-protect, volumize or de-frizz before moving along to a broad range of styling product options. In the study, which was directed by Dr.

With its cobalt-blue bottle and grab-and-go sport grips, the brand was well received in its Canadian rollout and is now rolling straighg in the U. Dollar sales of styling and setting gels and mousses rose The spray is available in Extra Strong and Flexible Strong hold levels. Sexy Hair Concepts also caters to the male consumer with Rumble Boys, a collection of hair products sporting macho names, camouflage colors and a rugged male image. Styling aids help them to achieve the creative looks they want.

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At the same time, she acknowledged the introduction of new forms on the styling scene: Consumers desire a certain style and want to know how to achieve it themselves, and although sprays are great for keeping a finished style in place or for smoothing down the hair, it takes a gel or mousse to actually get the style in the first place. At the same time, the product delivers the shine and silkiness that keeps hair looking healthy, company executives said. The images showcased a variety of hairstyles which were rated by the respondents on a scale of one to six using 10 adjectives: Features Hair Styling Update Novel products and consumer education mean there's room for newcomers and old favorites alike in this growing market.

The spray contains patent-pending resins that work with a patent-pending aerosol device to dry in seconds and leave the hair feeling soft and natural. The company has most recently introduced Aero Color sprays, which impart avant-garde colors to the hair that are easily washed out with shampoo and Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus, a humidity-resistant volumizing spray mousse for hair lift and health. When the female model sported a short, tousled coiffure she was viewed as confident and outgoing, while her longer, straight, blonde locks evoked a sexy and affluent image.

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