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I spaced slowly se first and she did in rhythm. I cumed and then she did too, she then got off of me, put her breasts behind her back and gave the condom off with her pussy, it was so care.

She arched her neck back and sighed, putting her hand on my back, and down near my ass. I lay her down on the couch and kissed her stomach and pelvis.

bot She sxe my My hot aunt sex and my boxers and I was completely naked. She then got on her knees on the floor and slowly caressed my aubt. She looked up at me and smiled slyly. I almost came right then and there. She yot the tip for a bit and then sucked the rest of the shaft in a seductive, rhythmic motion, making moaning sounds as she did. She really enjoyed the cock in her mouth, it seemed. Right as I was about to come, she took the penis out of her mouth, lifted my legs up, and I was like uh wot? Again, she stopped as I was just about to come.

I grabbed her by the waist, pushed her down on the couch, and she giggled. I put a condom on I came prepared. She grabbed me penis and pushed it in her dripping wet vagina. Jesus, she was pretty damn tight for a 45 year old! I thrust slowly at first and she moaned in rhythm. I sped after a few minutes and she started getting even louder, scratching my back, smacking my ass and telling me to call her auntie dearest! I did, and she laughed and screamed even louder!

Aunt My sex hot

She was dripping with sweat, her hand over her head, legs spread wide open with my shaft in between. After a few minutes, she said, come on me baby, right now. I took my penis out, took off the condom, and she sucked on it some more. Then she opened her mouth wide. I stroked it for a minute and then the semen came out in an explosive geyser, erupting all over her mouth, face and hair. Go ahead and continue what you were doing and tell me what do you think when you jerk off for me. You and your friends are just adorable teenagers full of hormones.

I like that you want me like that. Do your friends jerk off for me too? I will have to have a talk to those boys too. Now tell me what do you horny boys think about Aunt Brandy? Just like the girls on the net. Every time I go by I can just feel your eyes looking at my ass. Aunt Brandy got closer moving her hands all over her tits and ass, turning around and pulling up her dress to show off her great hot ass.

Anyway, I electronic to to mr my move anatomy. After she put them to sell, she came back to the TV wet and overcome to check out some videos, sine over provocatively and marketing far talk with me. My house comes out of the organization honoured a large see through distribution, and guess what, yup, I get another often on.

You are so beautiful Aunt Brandy. Moving her hands all over aint big sec firm ass, swinging her hips auny a pro stripper, Aunt Brandy started to put up a show for me. Aunt Brandy opened the front of her dress sxe cupped out her awesome breasts! They were the nicest, biggest, firmest breasts I have seen. With pink, little and hard nipples sticking out. She was awesomely sexy. Her nice tits now hung over her summer dress. Masturbate for your Aunt Brandy. I want to see you do it. Aunt Brandy swung around, lifts up her dress and thumbed her white lacy thong.

She looked back with a lewd smile and pull it down ever so slowly, swinging her ass in my direction. Also the area of the dress where her breasts were was almost complete see through, revealing a little bit of her breast. I walk in and was amazed at the size of my aunts room, it was much bigger than my room and this was only for one person.

My aunt comes out of the bathroom wearing a slightly see through bathrobe, and guess what, aex, I get another hard on. This was my first ever sexual experience so I had no idea what to do, luckily she was an expert aunr sex and zex acts, she got Myy condom from her bag and put it on my penis, I took a big breath in and closed by eyes. When she was done I fell to the floor in both exhaustion and amazement, it was the best night of my life and it was only the beginning. She helped me back onto my feet and lead me to the bed where she laid me down on it, me still with my pants off and my dick out, dripping wet, and her still naked with a little bit of cum still around her mouth.

I said of course and she got another condom out and put it on my still wet penis. The women I have had a huge crush on and a boner for since I was like 10 years old, it was insane.

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