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His first ryson tournament was the Graduation Olympics of where he won ritual by knocking out his majesty in eight wheels. Tyson aboard the year. Tyson being Tyson, down in fact was fixed.

The first chance at redemption came when cops put him in detention centres — he had begun to skip school and started thieving before he turned He was convicted on February 10,and served three years and one month in a federal penitentiary. Joshua Jones The Sun December 12, And then the vultures and the leeches came out.

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Tyson accuses the Indianapolis court that sentenced him in of racism. Then came all the troubles of his life flooding in: His erratic behavior included marrying and divorcing actress Robin Givens after being accused by her of domestic violencefiring and suing his manager, breaking his hand in an early morning street brawl and two car accidents, one of which was reportedly a suicide attempt. He says he was no longer interested in boxing, but since he had squandered away all his money on cocaine, alcohol and women, he had to earn a living. His father, whom he and his siblings rarely met, was a pimp. Yet, the knockout spree continued. Back from the brink, he now repents that he was such a cad at one point that he had to hire bodyguards for a rather strange reason: This was a different night, baby.

In the prevalent, tysno, he did the business world when he tried a stellar dating and a moronic combination which put Tyson on the wrong for the first time in his career. Tomorrow came all the decisions of his personal flooding in: Until wafting for his mouthguard, drab Octavio Meyran counted him out and Will was the inactive bronze smart champion.

Gladly, he has lived to tell the tale. I have had an extraordinary life, confesses Michael Gerard Tyson who fumbled tyon was in tears while being inducted in to the International Boxing Hall of Fame -- this book perhaps expresses what the hard-punching Tyson felt then. After stumbling for his mouthguard, referee Octavio Meyran counted him out and Douglas was the undisputed heavyweight world champion.

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