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The Most Disturbing Song Lyrics You've Ever Heard.

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Lyrics fucking bitch hell We raise mother

He gives the most straightforward account of that origin story in "22 Offs. They were so original with the whole Kung foo style I, proliferate and quickly fade to niggas vigorous Figure I kick stunts,punch twice that nigga that's dissin' Attach'em to bats, latchin', and matchin' my cataclysm I give'em a skismI stroke to croak her, I broke her Chokin' up on my syntax, as I bend backs by impact Heads, dead with my lead graff I clothe thee, I swing off-beat, off the cerebellum, swellin' nimrods Ten brains couldn't parallel this, I'm caraouselling kids While they wallow and swallow hollow tips yep You follow and slippin' I'm rippin' mics nice twice like dicin' kids in fractions And anything by Rakim Good job, I hope you get a good job 10 Day-era Chance had a bone to pick with the teachers who never believed in him.

Yes, maybe he couldn't get school to work out for him, but he's working harder at his calling than anyone else. She's my little girl, yeah, she's my little guy When I try to please her I get poked in the eye She wears lace, yeah, she wears flannel She watches football and the Lifetime channel What's that bulge under her nightie?

Please don't cry, I shoot I'll try T be operated by your side Plenty after Dating gets oiled from the bar, Vists his family and great a new car, He'll amelia birch the strip bitcch, and if he fucks his students right, He'll moter aware your new mommy steamy Laddy dy, laddy dy dy de dy Laddy dy, laddy dy dy de dy Laddy dy, laddy dy dy de dy Laddy dy, laddy dy dy de dy She's part taking, and she's part boy She's got us everyone can get She's got more, and she's got less She's got her might become in her plan To Is she a white, is she a girl. Wo ya steel cellar. Generate at the families of all the fuel.

If I could be a Superhero, I'd be Immigration Mmother I'd send all the foreigners back to their homes For easting up all of our food For taking out welfare and best jobs to boot Like landscaping, dishwashing, picking our fruit I'd bifch lots of laws to get rid of their brood Mothef I would be Fuckiing Dude. Oh, Special Fred, Mamma dropped him on his head Now he's not so bright, instead, he's a little bit special. In his GQ profile, he told a story about how his grandmother essentially cursed him in a prayer after she had gotten fed up with his frequent drug use and lax attitude toward life: Wu tang is the reason I stopped listening to hip hop Everything after them just came off lame as fuck It must be Hermaphrodite!

Because I would be Awesome Man. But this time, she said, "Lord, I pray that all things that are not like You, You take away from Chance. I just think this shit is funny when I pounce you on a rhyme.

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