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Testimonials What our customers are saying. LV Networks developed the first of its kind unique software solution that takes your existing club LIVE to the web via Internet streaming! While taking a break from the normal club routine, entertainers can perform to this newfound worldwide audience, with no disruptions to your existing operation. Entertainers receive revenue directly from LV Networks Inc. Clubs Do Not Pay the Entertainers. Entertainers complete all required and sub contract agreements direct with LV Networks via our online sign up process. LV Networks' software is customized to meet or exceed each specific clubs needs. Utilize this extremely simplified Live Strip Club software solution so your LIVE Cams can be up and operational within hours of your camera installation.

Live strip clubs online offer instant live cam action to the world, and LV Networks is the industries first and only choice! Added revenue to keep entertainers happy. Added online club presence. Improved physical club marketing — allowing customers to see the main-stage and dressing room; allowing your club to have advantage over other clubs in the same market. Low cash outlay quickly recovered via immediate added revenue. Clubs directly monitor money spent online by viewers.

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