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For a club, retaining a coach for more than two is cause for celebration — probably not a long-lasting one. In Brazil, soccer referees are universally seen as evil people. Kind of the way Europeans hate Brazilian divers who play in their leagues. The trophy was taken from the hands of the actual champions and given to Corinthians, a soccer club that built a private stadium with taxpayer money intended to fund the World Cup.

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Inafter a controversial court ruling secured them a spot in the first division, Fluminense a popular soccer team from Rio became a target of ire for fans of all the other clubs in the country. But this is about to change. Robinho, when he was I was too young to pay much attention when the ban on alcohol sales in Brazilian soccer stadiums went into effect. Brazil lost the match to France, igniting conspiracies.

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Argue about which is the strongest regional rivalry in the country. Defend the referee, the linesman, or, even worse, the lineswoman. Then, they threatened to play the second division wearing Fluminense colors, and team management considered quitting the championship all together. Leia e comente esse mesmo artigo na MatadorBrasil.

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