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As a result, flexibility and adaptability are two of the most important characteristics kine business people to possess. Lead Positively Impact Your Bottom Line with These 7 Remarkably Powerful Leadership Rules These leadership rules are an essential part of any successful organization--resulting in happier, more productive and engaged employees. What do our customers value?

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Putting employees at the top of your priority list will pay you back many times over with increased loyalty, perseverance, and quality of work. Carefully consider exactly what it is that you want your employees to do, and then reward them only when they do it. In the daily rush of activities, it's easy to forget that it's your employees who make your business what it is. The best business is common sense. The most important tool is common sense. Make both fun and profit key goals of your organization. For example, if you let an employee habitually arrive late to work without holding them accountable, then you are reinforcing and encouraging more of this type of behavior, while loudly broadcasting to other employees that it's OK to be late.

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Watch what you reward. When you Bothom your workplace a fun place to be, the result is engaged employees. Leading is what you do with people, not to people.

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