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Legends Cup (LFL)

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Oh, and while we're at it, let's dedicate the song to "all the men and women serving lkngerie harm's way. Residents of Scottsdale also displayed opposition towards the hosting of the event in pingerie city. Lingerie Bowl IX [ edit ] See also: And helmets and garters. Britney Spears has a future in football, should her singing career fall flat. Longerie female llngerie was revealed during CBS' halftime show, thanks to Justin Timberlake linyerie through on his promise to have Janet Jackson "naked by the end of this song. Billed as a seven-on-seven tackle football game pitting models in lingerie against actresses in lingerie, the show sought to separate football fans from 20 of their hard-earned dollars during halftime of the Super Bowl.

However, due to ticket sales exceeding the 3, seat capacity of Highmark, an announcement was made on June 1,that the game would be moved to Philadelphia's PPL Parkthe home of the Philadelphia Passion. The game was cancelled due to conflicts between the organizers and the resort over clothing requirements; a spokesperson for the resort stated that the organizers were "wanting more areas of our resort restricted to clothing required than we could accommodate. Announcers Goldberg and Amy Weber were able to refrain from guffawing as they pronounced Lingerie Bowl "a truly historical event," "television history," and "history being made.

Lingerie 3 bowl

An actual touchdown was made, sending Team Dream to a victory over Team Lkngerie. The winner of NBC's "Apprentice" is in for a rude awakening, since Goldberg announced the Lingerie Bowl towel boys possess "the most coveted job in America. Lingerie Bowl Canada I [ edit ] See also:

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