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University students go wild during initiation rituals and lads' weekends.

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We are proud of our achievement and to continuing to support our students to live and learn at UoN. The University of Newcastle says it promotes a safe environment for students living on campus while respecting their sense of autonomy. Footage obtained from theand annual Throwie Cup event shows students repeatedly vomiting, drinking their own vomit, and giving each other wedgies. Other men lean in and slurp the amber ale. Male students were recorded on nudie runs, skateboarding naked in hallways and dancing naked in public areas. A crowd of students - all male - gather around to watch the initiation ritual about to take place.

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Some of the men standing up have devised a kind of genital drinking cup: Foregoing their usual Evatt House hoodies, the men dress in suits bought at thrift shops so that they cannot be Dinking recognised as they perform the rituals - including ;enis penis drinking - in broad daylight fo St Kilda's Catani Gardens. The ritual is only half complete. It's the first time away from home, and you're all going through the same thing … but the students who are straight out of school, they will drink more than they should. They were put in a situation where, if there were people there that wanted to commit assault, they were vulnerable to that.

A student is filmed after they are cling-wrapped to a pole. Inthe University of Newcastle on-campus accommodation was named best in the sector, and UoN also won an "Excellence in marketing" award for its campaign promoting student lifestyle. A young man drinks dirty water while others dangle him by his feet.

Graphic content THE university college students are kneeling in the dirt. Held each year in Melbourne, the 'lads' from Evatt House will make the pilgrimage south where they will undergo a series of initiation rites. Those who vomit, must drink their own vomit to remain in the competition. Do you know more about college culture in Australia? Welcome to "Lads' Weekend" - an annual initiation weekend for male college students from Evatt House at the University of Newcastle. Young people who are straight out of school are likely to drink too much, say older students.

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