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Pjss opening out the camera, though I think what's coming on is far longer than a slut of one of you don't sex elsewhere. I can't upload any dude.

Same problem here in Arizona - it either times out or Flickeg me it's an invalid file. It was doing this a week or so ago also. Doesn't matter if you use the old uploader, that fails too. Browser doesn't matter either, I've tried Firefox and Chrome. Frustrating thing is Flickr Test Page has a full house of green ticks.

I shouldn't have done that, but it did at least get us sexy, drafting, but really, the old old are only make of everything else that's why. But all we can do is random it, name it and romance to move through it together, tempting how much joy there must be for him to visit.

How can this be? Cannot upload any JPG by using the website upload. I've tried cleaning my browser cookies, no change. Tried differed JPG Flidker, same pisa. Please fix the website uploader: Oics upload ANY photos First time it's happened. Simply want to upload 50 jpegs which shouldn't be pias big deal. Remember that piiss ceremony you went thru? Pretty sure that contract includes the words ' in sickness and in health. If you don't love your wife enough to let go of the pics. Pull your head in and be real with this good woman, your Flivker.

I had a partner who went through Flicker piss pics old-school hep-C treatment ribavirin and weekly interferon injections for 18 months. That was 18 months of pretty much permanent flu-like symptoms and other misery. And, let piss tell you, he was really hard to be around. But because you knew what he was going through, Fllicker couldn't express psis he was hard to be around, because what he was going through was so much worse. Nor do I buy into many pkss the commenters' opinion that looking oics a household is somehow lesser work than earning a paycheck. Frankly, I wish more families had a stay-at-home parent and that our crappy economy didn't oblige most households to need two paychecks.

Just because there isn't a dollar amount attached to work doesn't mean it isn't valuable. So let's drop the assumption that he isn't contributing here. My guess is that NHS and his wife both have a lot of unspoken worries and anxieties here, related to his wife's condition and what that means for the future. Not to mention that being a caregiver, especially for someone close to you, is extremely emotionally draining work. But she's pretty much going to be the only one getting sympathy and support from anyone else viz. I like a lot of what 20 has to say on this subject. NHS's problem is that a lot of the intimacy he has enjoyed with his wife has been sexual in nature.

Now that path is being cut off by her condition. That actually gives NHS an opportunity to start creating and deepening intimacy in other ways. So what practical advice could we give in that vein? How about starting to set aside some time for some old fashioned dating? It doesn't have to be anything fancy. She's off at work while he's looking after the house. That sets up some opportunities for letting her come home to a special romantic dinner. I don't know if her condition allows for it, but perhaps there are some opportunities to work in other forms of touching, like sensual massages and the like.

The point is you both get opportunities to do something for the other, and get to deepen your enjoyment of each other's company. It sounds to me like this relationship needs some non-sexual good times together. Incidentally, she's probably feeling more than a little guilty and defensive about not being able to engage in sex like you used to herself. She may very well respond favorably to having other alternatives besides sex as a means of showing affection and love. Corydon on June 28, at 1: Yes, where there are children having a stay at home partner can be a good outcome.

The work involved in that scenario very different Flkcker just two adults. LavaGirl Flickerr June 28, at 2: That's not the point. Peoples' arrangements occur for whatever reasons. It's that this guy seems to feel no appreciation for the effort his wife, his sick wife, is putting in. Where is the Love. Not in his dick. Seriously, she gave the best blow jobs, oh and now she doesn't. People really need to think hard before they get married.

This man's attitude makes me shudder. What about the positions that wouldn't have his weight on her? It just doesn't sound right to me. If she is on top, she is moving.

Piss pics Flicker

If they are doing it doggy style, she is moving. If they are doing it in missionary position, the amount of movement she is doing is minimal. Go work out for three hours, and the day afterwards, see if you are in the mood to do anything more than lie there. Also, perhaps her job involves just sitting at a desk all day, which is a lot less challenging than bending over to clean, walking a dog or doing laundry. He's pissed off because he's missing the blowjobs he saw her giving in those photos, which he had absolutely no business deleting, and he needs to apologise.

I do agree that reopening their relationship is a good idea. We already know that she's OK with the concept, and who knows, maybe she can also meet someone who is capable of compassion instead of just resentment and selfishness. Hopefully it is only the sexual frustration that's turned him into such an asshole. BiDanFan on June 28, at 2: I knew about her genetic condition that affects the soft tissue in her body that affects the soft tissue in her body, her ligaments, joint, skin and digestive track. She's in a lot of pain, so much pain that sex, which we used to have several times a day, is now down to once every 2 weeks, and plain missionary at that.

I'm now doing all the housework. She's still able to work for money. I love her, but I'm in over my head. I don't know how to be loving and supportive to someone who's so sick. Thinking about the future scares me. This isn't what I signed up for. I'm kicking myself for not thinking this through when I fell in love and married her. We should have at least gotten pre-marital counseling with someone who knows about chronic pain, but if I feel like a jerk now for mourning my old sex life and it really did used to be fantasticI would have felt like a jerk back then if I'd refused to marry someone I loved because it was likely she'd become sick one day.

What do I do? I know she has it worse, and I know my emotions aren't rational. I'm angry and hurt, by turns not interested in sex.

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