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We all need to help each other to be successful, which could be on or off the pitch, or both. For me, professional sport should reflect society, so that means opening up opportunities not just for women but for all groups who might be underrepresented. What's a typical day or workout like for you? If indeed there are any 'typical' days!

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Generally speaking my routine can be categorised into three areas: Luckily for us we have outstanding training facilities, coaches, physios and conditioning personnel, so we are very well looked after. The series ended abruptly, in Had the mass public smarted up at that point, grown tired of Hollywood foisting us with talk-funny imitations? Maybe my anxiety floated free because I was a boy and the strange allure of the Charlie Chan movies made me feel, uh-oh, that I was having unmanly feelings towards the personnel. Out of the speaker I heard the voice of Charlie Chan with his archaic, dry way of speaking.

I had the eerie excitement that Ezra Pound must have felt when he first opened dusty volume of Fenellosa.

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Hardcoree the horse sense that lurks underneath. I felt like a griddle cake. No, one of those pizzas that stretches vdd in mid air while the pizza guy who flung it at the ceiling does something else with his hands grabs a sec. Mind like parachute—only function when open. Cage, you were nineteen when the first Charlie Chan picture came out. Meanwhile my Dad was telling me I watched too many murder shows and read too much Agatha Christie. These shows had all of the fun of the Alice books, but with murder and sex attached! Dad wanted me to join the Boy Scouts, but that was just sex, no thanks Dad. But I never forgot Charlie Chan and his number one son.

Zodiac, who wears an enormous turban and a set of armored robes that give him an menacing appearance, like Oz.

Pauline Moore is Eve Cairo, a name you could deconstruct for pages, and her acting is just as improbable as her monicker. That and some of the young girl actresses got annoying. Other than that, it was great. Once the movie ends, you get the whole story put into your mind. It is a crazy story, but you feel relieved for the fact that you are kept in suspense the whole time. This movie hits hard on a personal level between mother and daughter. A real added twist would be the fact that the mom is a plastic surgeon. The name of the movie is Cinderella. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. This film takes the concept of not fitting in and being pretty from Cinderella and really puts a demented twist on it.

Very interesting movie to watch.

Bryanne W September 27, Hmm I'm a bit at a loss as to what to say about the movie. Its more of a suspense than a horror movie. The only moments the audience even remotely feels scared are in the first moments of the movie. I'll try not to give spoilers, but the strange happenings that cause death to her friends are unjustified. And as such, you wonder why the antagonist doesn't just go after the main character. The movie tends to leave you lost. Besides that, I like the movie for the plot. The premise is interesting and the movie does well at telling the story. I still don't like the protagonist very much and the ending left me at a loss.

I would not recommend this solely for the ending, but if you think the plot will be interesting, then you won't be disappointed. See it, if you want. Goes from one twist to another which makes the story interesting but I wished it had focused more on the "Cinderella" and her experiences and the impact of her mothers betrayal. Also a slight commentary on South Korea's obsession with beauty but again it could have been explored further.

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