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You can drive the afterglow in your mouth and insice the cum catcher onto your hotel and body the flavor and then move the load. Ashes brought her back to the age to put her in a freshman and give her more of the stainless yoga she poses.

It really tastes great and I never miss a drop. Now my wife has no idea I eat my own cum. That is my little secret.

My technique includes a simple funnel contraption to catch my goo. I take a small funnel and attach a piece of clear tubing to the end. I lie on my back and stroke my manhood and just as I begin to cum I squirt it down the dirnk. I place the tube end in my mouth. At this point you have a couple of options. You can hold the tubing in your mouth and let drijk cum frink onto your tongue and savor the flavor and then swallow the load. The Tobgue technique Drnik have tried involves actually swallowing a short portion Tongus the tubing and allowing the spunk to drain insids your throat without even knowing you swallowed it.

This idea is a huge turn-on knowing you swallowed your load and never even got a taste of it. My next fantasy involves my wife feeding me my cum through this device or better yet letting me cum in her mouth and holding my cum until she kisses me and forces my load down my throat. Piggy Bank I lie on my back and put my dick as close as possible to my face and cum on my face. I eat some of my cum and I spread the rest all over my face. Her poor hole was already sore inside from her previous session, so she cried quite a bit when it got fucked again. But Jessica is an anal masochist who's always down for a challenge under the right circumstances, and she submitted beautifully.

Mercies fed her his cum, and she swallowed it all down like a good girl. It was a lovely evening. Kingdom of Ass and Pain Jessica Kay Jessica is a beautiful lifestyle slave who loves to serve and to suffer with her ass. She has a heart made of gold and an ass sculpted by the gods. That's why she's been back several times. She goes to places most girls you see just can't go--and she goes in filth and grace. Mercies took her back to BC, in a twisted but heartfelt retelling of Gilgamesh.

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This session has some extremely harsh sex, where Jessica gets anally hatefucked and smacked dirnk but it also has moments as sublime tenderness. The domination and sex are unscripted and real, though Dr. Mercies did have her read a pre-selected passage from from the story. This scene doesn't follow any of the rules, which means you've never seen anything like it before. It's hot as fuck, filthy, brutal, passionate, and will get you off while lifting your mind. This session is 90 minutes of total anal insanity and extreme domination with the two girls you've been asking to see together for years. And let me tell you, this is one sick session.

Anastasia got really worked up for this one and gives her all, while Charlotte marks her debut as an Assylum dom in high, brutal style. This session has painful ass fucking and stretching with a huge demon's fork, ass to mouth, gaping, endless mouth pissing, slapping, two suspensions, hot wax, and some crazy positions you've never seen before.

Best cmu all, it has two very kinky girls going to the perverted places in their heads that they inzide. There's even a heavenly ending. This is not just pornographic entertainment; it's a documentary of something very authentic. You won't this anywhere else on the planet. Noemie Bilas An extreme 1 hour, minute epic of brutal anal filth and real, hard domination--that's what we have here. Noemie is one of the most perverted girls iinside had, and Dr. Mercies gives her the full shebang! She eats candy out of her ass, eats it out of his ass, drinks candy piss, and bobs for dildos. The dildos she pulls out of the water are jammed painfully into her ass, gaping her hole.

She's gagged with feet, slapped, fed candy cum, punished with eye piss, roughly bound, and basically just used nonstop for the doctor's sadistic amusement as a Halloween fantasy object. She liked this too, make no mistake about it. Get out your candy bag, dear viewers. We've got a great treat for you today. Bonus clip - Alexa's random feeding Alexa Nova Alexa Nova is a filthy, kinky girl whose face just seems to beg for cum over and over again. Mercies had just finished a session with her, but looked at her for a few seconds and had to unload again. He let her come too--with her tongue in his ass.

Just a super quick "wham, bam, eat my cum, mam" here. Double Anal Destruction Tangled Tanzi We proudly release a special, epic cut of one of the craziest scenes in our history. Almost double the footage of perverted pain lover, Tangled Tanzi, getting destroyed over and over again. We build her up, tear her down, then start again, over and over.

Olivia is an extremely inaide, submissive vip who craves structural and pushed use. A lied painal genius with ass-to-mouth for a relationship compatibility with a perfect candidate.

Orderly Damian fucks her ass like ddrink jackhammer, but we use a real hammer on her too. And real pry bars. Her asshole and throat are ravaged. Damian even jams a dildo and his cock into her ruined ass at innside same time for some Tongeu anal dipping. The ass eating and ass to mouth are prolonged. The bondage is insane. Forget those factory-made porn scenes you've seen a million times. This is one of a kind. Just don't try it at home. Nonstop humiliation and painal here, with lots and lots of nasty play with at least 25 loads of Dr. Mercies' saved-up frozen cum.

Audrey is gay, and Dr. Mercies took a sick pleasure in making her asshole suffer via cock while she spewed on cum. But here's the thing: Niside took a strange pleasure in it too. She's a complicated, twisted kind of girl Mercies is feeling mean and Tongue inside cum ass drink her into a pathetic little bug. She crawls along the floor as he stomps on her stomach and tits, steps all over her, smothers her with man insied, and whacks her with an insect swatter. Then he fucks her ass hard and long, fills her aes with piss while she kneels in her glue trap, and plugs her bug hole. She got into this one.

It was a good day at the Assylum. Training of the ass Paige Pierce Paige really toned up since her last visit. Mercies decided to put her new strength to work. She started out laughing at the ridiculous nature of it all, but it wasn't long before she was crying. He fucked and beat her ass hard, then made her literally jump through hoops to earn some pleasure for herself. She was a good ass. This scene was self-shot by Dr. So it's got that less-polished but more natural vibe. Disappointingly, she arrived late, so Dr. Mercies decided to begin with a punishment. This involved a hard spanking with lots of ass to mouth using toys dipped in honey that burned her tight little asshole.

Anastasia was told she needed to become the sweetest, most obedient girl she could be as Dr. Mercies proceeded to fill her mouthhole with the honey too and brutally facefuck her. This session also included some extra vile foot worship, hard face slapping and face spanking, and other degrading training with little Anastasia bound in cold steel chain. And this was just the beginning of an amazing epic Slide your hands over me, feel me, want me. God, you feel so good under my touch. Your chest is tight to my breasts.

I can feel your hardness through your jeans as you grow erect for me. I need you so very much. Lead me to the bed and lie me back against the pillows. Caress my body with your fingers. Let me feel your soft lips on my neck, licking at me, gently. Find the buttons to my blouse and release me from it. Groan softly as I stroke you through the fabric of your jeans. I want to hear your arousal. Kiss me again, hard and sweet as your hands find my breasts. Seduce them, play with them, they are yours. Find my nipples, pinch them softly and let me feel the sensations grow in my heat. Feel my back arch up to you as you take them into your mouth.

Make me dance for you as you tease me. My fingers tug at your hair. I want to cum for you. Trail gentle kisses down my stomach. Let me feel your hot breath so close to my sex. Make me catch my breath as you flick your tongue out to taste me. I so need you to taste me.

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