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What’s Causing Tingling in My Feet?

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Most people with PAD experience pain and cramping in their legs and hips when they are walking or going upstairs. Some people with PAD also experience leg numbness and weakness. Symptoms of PAD typically go away after a few minutes of rest. Tumors or other abnormal growths Tumors, cystsabscesses, and benign non-cancerous growths can put pressure on the brain, spinal cord, or any part of the legs and feet.

This pressure can restrict blood flow to the legs and feet, causing numbness. Alcohol use The toxins in alcohol can cause nerve damage that is associated with numbness, especially in the feet. Seeking early treatment is essential. Tarsal tunnel can cause permanent nerve damage if left untreated for a long period of time. Peripheral artery disease Peripheral artery disease PAD is a condition in which plaque builds up in the arteries.

Bottom foot Numb

Over time, this plaque can harden, narrowing the arteries and limiting the blood supply and oxygen to parts of your body. PAD can affect the legs, which results in numbness in both the legs and feet. It can also increase the risk of infection in those areas. If PAD is severe enough, it could result in gangrene and leg amputation. Because PAD increases the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes, you should consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms: Pressure on the nerves Putting too much pressure on your nerves can result in numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation.

A variety of different causes can result in having too much pressure on the nerves, including: Certain symptoms may help your doctor consider conditions other than MS. Diabetes More than half of people with diabetes develop some form of neuropathyor loss of nerve function, according to Mayo Clinic. The most common type of neuropathy in diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, which can cause numbness, burning, or tingling in your feet and legs. Nutrient Deficiencies Certain vitamin and other nutrient deficiencies can cause peripheral neuropathy. In a study published in March in the journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinologyresearchers found that among people with type 2 diabetes, those with peripheral neuropathy tended to have lower blood levels of folate and vitamin B12 than those without neuropathy.

It is for this reason that neuropathy patients have the toughest time with balance when their vision is limited—when, for example, they are shampooing their hair in the shower or walking in the dark.

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Weakness Weakness may occur with any peripheral neuropathy. The region of weakness depends on the type of neuropathy. In polyneuropathies, weakness is usually worst at the ankles and toes. Urinary, Sweating and Gastrointestinal Problems Sometimes the nerves to blood vessels, gut, and bladder are diseased in a peripheral neuropathy. Autonomic neuropathy is a more specific name for this type of peripheral neuropathy. Your doctor will also take a medical history and ask for a description of your symptoms. Questions asked may include: How long does the numbness last? What other symptoms do you experience along with the numbness?

Talk to your doctor if you have a burning pain in the ball of your foot that doesn't improve after changing your shoes and modifying your activities. Causes Sometimes a single factor can lead to metatarsalgia. More often, several factors are involved, including: Intense training or activity. Distance runners are at risk of metatarsalgia, primarily because the front of the foot absorbs significant force when a person runs.

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