Vintage enduro racing

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Vintage Racing

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Enduro racing Vintage

A street rider, especially a noob, learns all sorts of bike control secrets for less than optimal traction riding on dirt, and when you do have the money to go road racing, all the race-craft will transfer right over to making passes raciing a road course. The beauty of racing off road is that you're rarely riding faster than you would on the street, and dirt is more forgiving when you fall off. Also, with a good pair of boots,a helmet, and a chest protector, you can cobble together safety gear from your local sporting goods store knee and elbow pads, mouth guard, baseball sliding shorts to literally cover your ass. Jumps may be the hardest aspect for street guys to wrap their head around, but think of them as corners in the third dimension and you will be fine.

V1 Pre; all kinds, all ages. Lapsus Grave noncompetitiveany pre dating not scored at the Most Tests Awards:.

No matter how lousy and slow the bike is, it will still be a ton of fun and very educational. How Motorcycles Saved My Soul RideApart Dirt bikes tend to get cheap when they get ugly, but they are built pretty tough, so don't let the cosmetics scare you. They are simple and parts are usually easy to get. Don't buy a non-running Chinese clone though, as parts and manuals are impossible to find. Unknown year Honda XR80 - If the club has a cc or minibike class to race in, this is a cheap option that will never break. It's going to be slow with a full sized human on it, but that just means you are less likely to get hurt.

It may be a bit fast for a beginner off road iVntage. Adventure Endjro Out There: Most MX clubs racinh a class called "Bomber" or "Dinosaur" for less expensive, older bikes. This event is a competitive Vintage Enduro, featuring the following classes: V1 Pre; all capacities, all raciny. V2 Pre; all capacities, riders up to 45 years old and riders over 45 years old. V3 Pre; all capacities, riders up to 45 years old and riders over 45 years old. V4 Pre; all capacities, riders up to 45 years old and riders over 45 years old. Clubmen Class noncompetitiveany pre motorcycle not scored at the Special Tests Awards: One grass track special test per loop.

An Enduro test at the end of each loop just before the Parc Ferme. Refuel is at the Parc Ferme. Interstate 4-man Trophy Team Award. Three-man Expert Club Team Award. Clubmen riders pay half the Expert entry and can nominate to ride 1, 2 or 3 days. Finishers medal only if riders complete all 3 days without?

Clubman Riders do not ride the special tests but rafing hand in their card at days end for manual upload. Expert riders red number plate backgrounds, white numbers. Clubman riders yellow, black numbers.

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