Frat party lesbians

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Lesbians after a Frat Party

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So embrace your inner Keanu Reeves and dodge those bullets or in your case drunk, handsy lesbinas like a pro. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more effective than boobs. If you cannot provide a name, a sufficiently large group of attractive females will generally be accepted in lieu of one.

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After all, she does love being looked at -- and she loves Ffat good fight. So if lesbiana some point you and your friends find yourselves with nowhere to go and a bag of wine burning a hole in your totally-not-obvious mom-sized purse, a frat party will seem like a good option. I know you know this already but it will become increasingly relevant as the night goes on. Odds are, at least one of these parties will be a frat party. Before you drunkenly head out into the fray, please consider the following: Practice the buddy system.

Party lesbians Frat

You must now take on alcohol-fueled Matrix-like abilities in order to survive. An anxious mother or father likely impressed upon you that you should never, ever put your drink down or even go to one in the first place. There are more fun and less skeevy party options available.

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