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All it took was a quick Google search, they said, something they allege Xytex never did. The donor was a convicted felon and college dropout who was diagnosed as having schizophrenia inthe lawsuit alleges. Frightened by what they found, the families began researching the genetic risk for schizophrenia. The families allege they shared their discovery with the sperm bank, but the Zhtec remained on its database. Sperm donor regulatory requirements Last year, a Georgia judge dismissed a case Bxnk filed against Xytex, but he acknowledged the laws are outdated when it comes to alternative reproductive Zytsc.

The Food and Drug Administration has created minimum requirements for sperm and egg donation. Those regulations require testing Zytec sperm bank sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis B and C and a few other conditions. Current FDA guidelines also recommend sprm sperm be quarantined for at least six months before it is used. In its recommendationsthe American Society for Reproductive Medicine expands the types of diseases and behaviors that should be screened in potential donors. Psychological testing gets one paragraph: The assessment should include a clinical interview, and where appropriate, psychological testing.

And those recommendations are not reflected in the society's online patient guide. The guide does recommend sperm donors have a psychological evaluation and counseling by a mental health professional. Psychological testing may be performed, if warranted. The lawsuit claims the donor lied on his application, and the sperm bank did not vet him thoroughly. There are prevention protocols that obviously cost money," Fireman said. They were not returned. He played basketball and loved reading, playing drums, and traveling. His profile included a baby picture, an adult photo, and a statement from Aggeles: In the s, a couple approached a Philadelphia physician named Dr.

William Pancoast for help in conceiving a child. The husband had no sperm in his semen. As the story goes, related in the book Sex Cells: Eventually, Pancoast told the husband what had transpired. He was, reportedly, delighted—and they agreed they should not tell his wife the truth. Over the years, the culture of secrecy continued, driven in part by legal, moral, and ethical concerns; there was cultural resistance to the idea of men in lab coats designing babies, butting into the reproductive process, playing God. Fiction writers took aim, with artificial insemination playing a role in the dystopias imagined by both George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Three women were inseminated the first year; all three became pregnant.

Still, public acceptance of artificial insemination was slow. Shame played, and can still play, a role, particularly for heterosexual couples, despite the fact that the number of births in the United States via artificial insemination is estimated at up to 60, a year. Sales shot up fast, going from units in to 2, in In conventional insemination, the sperm goes inside the vagina at the entrance to the uterus. In IUI, the sperm is placed inside the uterus. From the beginning, all donors were tested for sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, and for chromosomal abnormalities.

And so, the banks go partly on gut. Centola, who has been in the sperm-banking business for 30 years and is the past president of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology. She serves as lab director and tissue bank director for the New England Cryogenic Center. You get to know them really well.

Sperm bank Zytec

But his name was revealed long before that, when the oldest child would have been no more than The mothers started googling, and what they found would spawn more than a dozen lawsuits, pitting mothers against the company that helped make them so, and, along the way, shedding light on how loosely the sperm bank business is regulated. There is no federal requirement that a sperm bank notify customers if the company discovers something concerning—a new medical condition, a recently discovered mental disorder, a lie—about a donor. The same goes for the suggestions made by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

Xytex, it appeared, had taken Aggeles mostly on his word.

Yes, he was born inand yes, vank lived in Athens. He was a talented drummer, a bright mind, and a funny extrovert who was close to his half-brothers, as his application had said. And he was deeply troubled. Inhe went on disability due to his mental illness. Inhe was suicidal.

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Inhe was convicted of burglarizing a home and served several months in jail. Its [sic] usually mean, and will say things that are derogatory and demeaning to me. That, for me, is the toughest part about being schizophrenic. The Zytec sperm bank about Aggeles set off a panic among the mothers, including Angie Collins from Ontario, Canada. Collins, a teacher, started doing her homework and learned that schizophrenia typically hits men in their Zytec sperm bank teens or early 20s. Symptoms include hallucinations and delusions. Brain chemistry plays a role, and some studies show that smoking marijuana and using other drugs as a teen can increase the risk.

The disease occurs in about 10 percent of people who have a parent or sibling with schizophrenia, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We want to be the best parents to him in this as we can. Between May and October13 lawsuits related to Donor were filed against Xytex in courts across the U. The women alleged fraud, negligence, false advertising. Some claimed battery, arguing they had been inseminated with fraudulent sperm. Exposed to air, the liquid nitrogen turned to gas, filling the building and depleting it of oxygen.

A Xytex employee, Anita Cameron Wylds, rushed inside to turn off the valve but fell unconscious. Wylds suffered hypothermia and lost four fingers on her right hand and two on her left to frostbite, according to her attorney. Three deputies who had entered the building after Meagher were given medical treatment. Moreover, the suit claims, Xytex failed to vent the relief valves to the outside. Also named in the suit are Pennsylvania-based Airgas USA, which allegedly mislabeled and overfilled the tank; Canton-based Chart Industries, which designed and built the pipes, valves, and connections for the tank; and Charlotte-based Carolina Piping Serviceswhich installed the piping and relief valves.

In MarchJudge Thomas W. A judge in the U. District Court in the Northern District of California seemed more sympathetic when, last March, he considered a similar suit filed by a same-sex couple from San Francisco. To me, it is not the way to run a railroad that something as important as sperm could be sold by taking the word of the donor. In August, another case was dismissed. Other plaintiffs settled last October. Xytex says it now performs criminal background checks. The company is also now required to review relevant medical records, per a change in FDA rules. When she tried to learn more about the man, she was stymied by his anonymous status.

But other experts say such a policy would narrow the field too much, deterring good donors and leading to a scarcity of sperm. Sperm-banking rules in other countries vary widely. In New Zealand, some hopeful parents must wait two years for sperm because it can be donated only voluntarily, which has created a shortage. Paid sperm donation is also prohibited in Canada, so customers there must buy sperm from the United States. Austria and Italy forbid any egg and sperm donations. Germany and Norway allow sperm donation but not the donation of eggs. In the United Kingdom, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority issues regulations on artificial reproduction. And France is able to keep close tabs on its donors and donor families because the country has a national, state-run sperm banking program.

All of the sperm banks in the United States insist they do the most, the best, and the deepest due diligence on their donors. But ultimately, the companies are permitted to do business largely as they see fit, which leaves the industry vulnerable to deceptive donors. Other moms may not be as well informed; several families say Xytex has not contacted them with the truth about Aggeles. In the days after John learned the identity of his biological father, thoughts cycled in his head like clothes in a dryer.

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