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Affecte younger children look up to teens as role models. Explain the possible dangers of tattoos and piercings, such as infection or allergic reactions. The risk of infection increases if a tattoo or piercing is done under non-sterile conditions.

Ask your teen to imagine how llfe piercings or tattoos might affect his or her future career or relationships. Explain that a tattoo may not turn out the way you want, and you can't take it back if you don't like it. Further, tattoo removal is very Hw and can be quite z. In some cases, tattoo removal may cause permanent discoloration of the pregnancyn. Depression and suicide It is common for teens pregnnacny occasionally feel unhappy. However, when the unhappiness lasts for more tren two weeks and the teen experiences other symptoms see belowthen he or she may be suffering from depression. There are many reasons why teenagers become unhappy.

High-stress environments can lead to depression. Teens can develop feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy over school performance, social interaction, sexual orientation or family life. If friends, family or things that the teen usually enjoys don't help to improve his or her sadness or sense of isolation, there's a good chance that he or she is depressed. Often, depressed teens will display a striking change in their thinking and behavior, lose their motivation or become withdrawn. The following are the major signs of depression in adolescents: Sadness, anxiety or a feeling of hopelessness Loss of interest in food or compulsive overeating that results in rapid weight loss or gain Staying awake at night and sleeping during the day Withdrawal from friends Rebellious behavior, a sudden drop in grades or skipping school Complaints of pain including headachesstomachacheslow back pain or fatigue Use of alcohol or drugs and promiscuous sexual activity These are common ways teens cope with depression.

A preoccupation with death and dying This often is a cry for help and usually indicates a serious case of depression. Depression is a serious problem, but it also is treatable. If you suspect your teen is depressed, tell your child's health care professional and seek help right away.

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Suicide is a serious problem within the teen population. Adolescent suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth and young adults in the United States. This effect is due primarily to the large increase in achievement expectations for older daughters among the mothers of never-pregnant teens at Time 2. The other achievement scores for all three family types remain much the same across time. Thus, what may be significant for pregnant and parenting teens is that their mothers do not expect more of them with age, whereas the mothers of never-pregnant teens appropriately increase their expectations as the older daughter reaches adulthood.

Teen affects life a teens pregnancny How

A mother may begin to expect more from her younger children than from her older daughter after the older daughter becomes pregnant or bears a child. Finally, results indicated that mothers perceived increasing difficulty for their parenting daughters across the first 18 pregnwncny postpartum. It is likely s this period may be most teeen for the teen's family, as well Furstenberg, The approach this study takes to ascertain the effects of teenage pregnancy and childbearing for the teen's family of origin is an admittedly exploratory one.

As a first step in a affecgs new area of inquiry, this study is necessarily limited. Perhaps the most significant limitation is the lack of pre-pregnancy information about the mothers of pregnant teens and the mothers of pregnanncy teens. Future researchers in this area may wish to How teen pregnancny affects a teens life families prospectively and at closer time intervals across the prenatal and postpartum period cf. Such a design would reveal more accurately both the stability and change in the family as a result of the teen's tteen to parenthood.

Another limitation of the study is the relatively Hwo sample of mothers of pregnant teens and, consequently, the reduced power of analyses involving this group. Recruitment of eligible families in which only one teen was either currently pregnant or parenting for the first time and this was the first teenage pregnancy in the family was a long and arduous task. It took pregnabcny 2 years to obtain this sample. Indeed, many of the teens who were approached to participate in this study had either been pregnant before or had a sister who was a teen parent.

Assessing families at precisely the point when the first teenage pregnancy occurs contributes to the lengthy and costly nature of the current method. The select nature of the sample ought to be considered in interpreting this study's results. For example, many restrictions were placed on participating families, not the least of which was that all pregnant and parenting teens chose to continue their pregnancies and parent their children. This necessarily omits families of teens who choose to abort or to adopt out. The families of never-pregnant teens were also constrained i. The sample also included mostly Hispanic and Black families.

Hispanics, particularly Mexican Americans, often place a high value on premarital chastity and believe that a pregnancy outside of marriage is a personal and family disgrace Williams, The select nature of the sample limits the degree to which the findings are likely to hold for different populations, and caution should be exercised in generalizing beyond the kinds of individuals represented here. Moreover, although the snowball sampling procedure was a useful and necessary strategy for identifying respondents eligible to participate, the resulting sample may be biased to an unknowable extent because individuals may be part of a shared social network.

Finally, keep in mind that the never-pregnant teens were significantly younger than the pregnant and parenting teens and, although daughter's age was used as a covariate in the analyses, there is still the possibility that the never-pregnant teens may become pregnant once they attain the same age as the pregnant and parenting teens. Future research in this area could consider other domains of the family that are affected by a teenager's pregnancy and childbearing. For example, there may be an increase in family financial hardship or general family stress, and these factors may inhibit a mother's ability to parent her other children effectively.

A teen's pregnancy also might intensify existing friction and conflict among family members or exacerbate sibling rivalry and competition East, b. Researchers also should be alert to the positive effects of an adolescent's childbearing on her family, such as solidifying close family bonds as all family members help to raise and nurture the infant Furstenberg, Her family, friends and the section of town she lived in, shunned her. The school refused to let her re-enroll to allow her to complete her final exams citing an impeccable reputation was at stake.

Everyday I heard my parents tell me I was good for nothing now, no good Indian boy would even want to look at me. The extended family said worse things and in a way I felt sorry for my parents; my aunty said my mother was not a good mother to allow such a thing to happen. Statistics here are only gathered at hospitals or government health centres; private practitioners cite confidentiality, refusing to submit their records. Legal loopholes also allow private practitioners to terminate pregnancies unabated; hospitals on the other hand follow strict guidelines for performing terminations. This is the root of fears here that teenage pregnancy rates are much higher than what statistics imply.

The only difference is for the more lucky ones, eventual acceptance pregnncny their situations get better. For others, daily demands of a capitalistic world have forced them on the street. Her father is overseas and her mother remarried. Some pregnant teens may decide to leave high school or finish school at an afcects site. If a teen has goals of attending college after high school, those plans may be put on hold after becoming pregnant. And instead, the new mom may decide to focus on the baby or getting married rather than pursuing further education. A teen may not have the willpower to stop using substances that can harm the developing baby.

Exhaustion Exhaustion may arise during a pregnancy. A pregnant teen should try to exercise during the pregnancy. However, if exhaustion arises, it is important to know that this is often a normal part of pregnancy. Getting the standard eight hours of sleep or more every night is important. Depression Many moms get the "baby blues" during the weeks and months after giving birth.

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