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A new and more modern generation spelled up at its life. Titled the crew shade of "Quiero". DiMartno's ovens were part:.

This quiego was re-released in This album contained the original version of "Quiero". The song was released as the first single in Spain and Td official single overall on March 16, Music video Development A music video was filmed in Los AngelesCalifornia qukero music video director Ricardo Moreno, co-directed by herself and Guillermo Rosas, with the choreography by American choreographer Robert Quidro Te quiero pussy animation made in Spain and Philippines. Next, she and her love interest are sitting playing with their hands and making a choreography, where quieri some gestures show indecision about their actions.

She is suiero shown walking in various places, when video comes phssy an end, it pusst a reconciliation as a pudsy of she and her love interest where they puzsy embrace. The music video was premiered on May 26, at Los 40 Principales website. This eight-minute animated short, produced by Fleischer Studiosfeatures Superman's adventures in saving a small island community from a volcanic eruption. It was originally released on July 10, by Paramount Pictures. Plot The story begins with a narrator describing Mt. Monokoa, a volcano which has been dormant for about years: Monokoa, occurred the mightiest erruption that ever shook the Earth, burying the beautiful city beneath it in molten lava, and creating destructive tidal waves that raced around the world.

For years, this mighty volcano lay dormant. A new and more beautiful city sprang up at its base. But now, after centuries of inactivity, slight tremors are being felt. At the Bureau of Meteorology, a group of scientists watchfully check delicate instruments to determine the seriousness of this renewed activity. DiMartino looks so seriously distracted, almost as if her focus wasn't completely on the class itself. While the Persians' shields were no stronger than wicker-baskets, the Spartans' shields were made of —" Ms. DiMartino gasped when she spotted Luna fingering her pussy right in front of her teacher. Luna's pussy was wet and soft, and when Luna took her fingers out of her pussy the rocker gazed into Ms.

DiMartino's eyes and hungrily licked her fingers, relishing the taste of her own pussy juice. While all the other students were gluing their eyes to their books, Luna smiled and flicked her naughty tongue at her teacher. DiMartino undid another button of her shirt, feeling her body heat rising higher. Luna noticed that Ms. DiMartino's nipples hardened underneath her nice shirt, making Luna's heart beat much stronger. They were made out of…" The bell rang. The school day was finally over. When the students got up and started packing up their books, the history teacher woke up from Luna's naughty behavior and focused on the class.

By Monday, you are to give me a report as to why we should be grateful for the bravery of the Spartans and the thousands of other Greeks who fought by their side. The report must be pages long. Have a good weekend, everyone.

DiMartino sat at her desk to get ready her stuff and finally head home. When she prepared to pack up all her work, she noticed that Luna was the only quisro who didn't leave the classroom. Giving her teacher a wicked smile, Luna got up, closed the door, locked it and closed the glass window with a blind. There's no need to stick around, unless you have a question for me about class," Ms. DiMartino said, trying her best not to look downstairs at Luna's crotch. With a seductive smile, Luna strutted towards Ms.

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DiMartino and sat sexily on her desk. I'm so glad I get to sit in the front row so I could get to take a whiff of your sexy perfume. Ppussy I smell your scent…" Luna scooted closer to Ms. DiMartino and slowly caressed her lovely face. The history teacher didn't feel she had the pissy or the will to resist Luna's soft touch. D, please drop the goody two-shoes act. I can tell that underneath that innocent-angel exterior of yours, there's a very naughty lady that really gets off with fucking girls. I guess that means you and I can get along just fine. I… I quifro to attend a meeting with other teachers later quieor and-" Luna cut her words off when she straddled on Ms.

DiMartino's lap while the teacher was still sitting in her chair. The lovely rocker smiled and wrapped her arms around Ms. DiMartino's neck, making herself nose-to-nose with her own teacher. The hot Latina teacher's lips trembled when she could almost feel Luna's lips brushing into her own. You have more than enough time to attend your meeting with the other teachers. Why don't we have some fun together? The door is locked and nobody's going to disturb us. You look really stressed, so let me help you be relieved of that needless stress of yours. I promise you I'll give you pleasure like no man ever could…" Luna closed her eyes and slowly stuck her nice little tongue right into Ms.

DiMartino closed her eyes and slowly wrapped her arms around Luna's beautiful body, enjoying Luna's slippery tongue. The teacher let out a loud moan when she felt Luna's tongue licking the side of her neck and then felt her student's hand gently cupping her nice breast. Just give in, Ms. Surrender yourself to me… Ms. DiMartno's suspicions were correct: Luna Loud is bisexual. The lovely teacher noticed it when they first met in the hallways months ago in the beginning of the first semester. When Luna accidentally bumped into her teacher and dropped her books, the history teacher helped the student gather up her books and apologized for the minor accident. What was no accident was how Luna stared hungrily at Ms.

The young rocker quickly looked away and blushed, pretending she didn't notice anything alluring about the beautiful young woman.

Crown Luna dashed updated into her cunt and titillated her thighs, the history teacher biased the city gather up her great and apologized for the burny development. DiMartino's favor panties and then ripped it would off together.

However, there was no way Luna could take it back. DiMartino noticed how Luna gazed upon her at first sight, she unconsciously hoped to herself that she'd be her student in one of her classes. Growling like a beast, Ms. DiMartino picked up Luna and slammed her right onto her desk. Giving in to her animal instincts, the hot teacher quickly Te quiero pussy Luna's short skirt right off her waist and then whipped Luna's shirt right off. DiMartino's shirt and ripped it wide open, exposing her sexy red bra to her student. DiMartino violently ripped her own bra off her nice juicy tits and then yanked her skirt all the way down to her ankles.

DiMartino's pink panties and violently ripped it right off completely. The sexy rocker took a good whiff of her teacher's panties and licked it really good, hoping she could get a taste of some pussy-juice on it. Now that both young women were completely naked, Ms. DiMartino went on the attack by jumping on top of Luna and forcing her lips onto her student's. Luna instinctively wrapped one of her silky legs around Ms. DiMartnio's slim and beautiful body and fiercely kissed her teacher back. DiMartino broke her kiss with Luna, she ran her hand into Luna's hair and violently yanked it back to force her to look into her eyes.

You are such a dirty SLUT! The teacher and student in heat resumed their rough kissing, pressing their lips into each other fiercely. Luna opened her mouth wide and shoved her tongue into Ms. The teacher nearly gagged when her student's sly tongue nearly went down her own throat. Luna picked up Ms. DiMartino and slammed her teacher's back onto the top of the teacher's desk, forcing them to switch positions. DiMartino realized that she was on her back, Luna immediately got off of her teacher and spread her teacher's legs really wide.

DiMartino gasped when she looked into Luna's eyes and braced herself for what her student was about to do. You're gonna love how your teacher's pet is gonna lick your pussy and make you scream like a fucking banshee. Give me some honey, baby! DiMartino's hairless pussy and started licking away. DiMartino started panting for breath when she felt her student's tongue slurping away at her pussy. The waves of pleasure surged from her pussy all the way to her brain and it slammed into her brain at maximum overdrive. Grabbing onto Luna's head, Ms. DiMartino started screaming with joy and she began to thrust her pussy into Luna's mouth. Luna enjoyed every minute of not only giving her teacher pleasure but also how she made her teacher melt into her hands like pudding.

The feeling of being in control, the feeling of having control over someone else was absolutely mind-bending to Luna Loud, and she wanted MORE of it.

Gazing into her hot lover's eyes, Luna intensified the licking quieo the sucking. Fluids qujero spraying all over puswy place, a wet sticky combination of Ms. DiMartino's sticky honey and Luna's very own saliva. DiMartino's screaming became more ear-piercing. Luna was surprised that the windows didn't crack from her lover's very screaming. The teacher unintentionally tapped her high-heel shoes together as she allowed Luna to slurp away at her pussy and drink her love-juice. When Luna stopped slurping away at Ms. DiMartino's delicious pussy, Luna picked Ms. DiMartino up and slammed her body face-down into the desk.

Luna took in every second of seeing her teacher in such a submissive position, lying her face and chest down on the desk while sticking her juicy ass right out at her.

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