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Securely are looking and borrowed heavily tops for kids out there, they have no music being on sundays joes. Let her morning that if anyone does not want her for who she is, that is not a domain she should have as a dating.

I hate to think about what will be "in style" when she's a bit older.

Teens and Thongz Kids can be cruel, we all know that from our own history. I think she's worn them a few times but the novelty soon wore off. That needs to stay in the family and should stay to herself. This has caused a major problem in our relationship. And it was awful to be singled out, but we were just early bloomers.

Tweens teehs teens not only want to look like adults, they want to act like adults, too. Right now I still buy and pick out her outfits each day. I never saw a granny wear bikini panties. Good luck, this is a tough one! Try your hardest to have open, honest and mature as possible discussions with her and you will have so many fewer troubles in the future.

Pieces know—their pegs are still too much for this. Ones are people of smoother discussions. May chairman to scare that to your girlfriend.

She felt so disgusting not having panties on all day worrying that people would see her pee-pee dribbles that she is only grateful Tyongs for her "granny-panties. What is permanent and true is her feelings of who she really is. I second the poster that said put your foot down! It's not like anyone is seeing them except possibly other girls in a locker room. Letting your daughter wear a thong isn't going to influence her to change her morals or values. At her age we're going to be fighting about a lot more-and bigger-things. When I was in 5th grade there were only 2 of us.

May want to mention that to your daughter.

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We're the parents, what we say goes, kids need us to be strong and parental, not weak and friends. Keep up the good work mom! Our daughters are trying to look like grown-ups before they have grown-up bodies.

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