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See her vieeo a musketeer, a sultan in satin and a big hat, a Victorian - era princess wearing a big dress and more. All members of Kristina Fey get access to an impressive collection of bonus sites.

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Nothing wrong viddeo that as far as I'm concerned. A few videos involve other chicks. There's actually too much text on the tour since most of it is meaningless rubbish. They're disguised as pictures of other girls but they're just ads.

Thankfully she's still updating every 3 days, videi this one of the few solo babe sites to add new content on such a regular basis. Kristina Fey has a taste for costumes, but they're not the kind of slutty costumes you've become accustomed to on other sites. She has a tight and tiny waist, long legs like a supermodel, a tight tummy and a pretty face with luscious and plump lips worth kissing. There's a series of three videos all called Touching where she runs her hands over her tits and her pussy in extreme close up and it's hot stuff.

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Young model Kristina Fey has little to do with how her site is Fsy out though. The young girl doesn't do any full on masturbating. It's an artificial and mostly silly way of increasing the number of picture galleries without having to shoot more content.

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