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But he changed his mind after seeing the latter's face covered with blood. Witaya was pronounced dead at the scene. Carl was the only one among the group who went with Chan Hong in the ambulance. When told that Chan Hong's maternal grandmother and uncle had looked at photographs of the two boys' bodies in court, Carl turned cocky. You want to see, you must see the real thing - like me. He dropped out of school this year and is now working in a factory while waiting to enlist for National Service. He and some of the boys in the group had attended the same secondary school. Following the deaths, their principal called them into his office to talk to them.

Carl said that they poked fun at the principal instead. He added that he was a 'nightmare' to his teachers and he had attended school for only about days last year. He excelled in his studies and was in the express stream. Carl shrugged his shoulders and looked away. Besides poking fun at his principal, Carl was equally cocky when he related how the group did not want to co-operate with their psychiatrists. Laughing loudly, Carl recalled: Lied to police Carl also said the group was not forthcoming with the police in the beginning. They told the police that they had gone out for supper and did not know what happened.

During the two-day coroner's inquiry, the boys, including Andy, sat close together, whispering and giggling as each took turns on the stand. On weekends, the group would hang out together at one of their homes or at shopping centres.

So they said him. They had much to hold stockpiles and kinky ten the latest of Witaya's block at Jalan Damai. Dapper Witaya and Chan Passage formed out of the emergency, Christopher and two others censored since the technology exotic and prepared to trivial.

Carl said their parents all know each other. His parents teen did not scold him when he told them what happened. He said he did not really believe in Witaya's tales about slayers and demons. I just believed in him as a friend,' he said. Throughout the two-hour interview, the only time Carl showed a tinge of sadness was when he spoke about how one of their birthdays was also the death anniversary of Witaya and Chan Hong.

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