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Miller, 43 Oregonhowever, it was held erroneous to admit a photograph which did not accurately reproduce the appearance of the wounds, and which presented a gruesome spectacle of a disfigured and mangled corpse, very well calculated to arouse indignation in the jury. In a ruling last month, the panel said the photographs were relevant. They would serve merely to illustrate certain theories of the defendant as to how the accident happened. Two of them also included a dwelling house owned and occupied by the defendant, that had been partially destroyed by fire some time previous to the burning of the building which was the subject of the indictment.

One of the purposes for which they are frequently used is to illustrate and make clearer the testimony of handwriting experts.

Indeed, it was held in People v. An examination of the excluded photographs shows that they fall within the latter class. Mosley, who at one point noted judges are routinely required to view sensitive material, said he would likely rule on the stay motion on Friday. Judge Richard Mosley said the court could hold a hearing on permanently blocking the photographs within two weeks, but Block said that wouldn't help. Miller, 43 Oregon"Generally, they may be used to identify persons, places, and things; to exhibit particular locations or objects where it is important that the jury should have a clear idea thereof, and the situation may thus be better indicated than by testimony of witnesses, or where they will conduce to a better or clearer understanding of such testimony.

That the usefulness of photographs as evidence is not confined to the purposes we have enumerated is, however, abundantly shown by the reports. They also showed two dwelling houses adjoining the premises, from which witnesses at the trial testified that they had observed certain acts of the defendant at or about the time of the fire. See, also, State v. In that case, which was an action for negligently causing the death of a child seven years old, a photograph showing his physical development at the age of five was admitted, as tending to show the probabilities of future growth and further development It is still harder to understand the reasons which actuated the court in Pritchard v.

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An immediate interim stay is needed, she said, because the panel is slated to Evedemce its hearings on Monday, and the pictures would be entered as evidence right away. They may also be employed to detect forgeries, and to prove documents where the original cannot be readily produced. One of the allegations is that Douglas failed to disclose that the photographs were on the Internet when she applied to become a family court judge in

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