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DCF & Asian Rhinoplasty

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If you take any type of beta-blockers, or other blood pressure medications, discuss how to take these medications with the doctor. As a medical practitioner, we can offer you guidance and referrals to many government programs if you would like support to end the habit. In most cases, Dr. Yoo will use an incision along the base of the nose. After completing the procedure, Dr.

Yoo will place stents and a dressing over your nose. Recovery This part of your transformation begins when you are iobs from Asiwn operating room into the recovery unit. As you come out of the anesthesia, you will experience some pain and nausea. The nurse present will have medication available so you can remain comfortable. Adhere to the dosage guidelines to give you the best recovery possible. You may experience some mild to moderate constipation as a result from the anesthesia. This can usually be resolved by taking an over-the-counter laxative.

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You Asain need to avoid strenuous physical activity until released from restrictions by your surgeon. You may begin eating bland, soft foods a few hours after your procedure. Sleep with your head raised above your heart — this reduces swelling. The dressing and stents are usually removed the day after surgery.

Yoo will then place a taped dressing to continue holding the nose in place. Continue to avoid contact with water to discourage bacteria growth and possible infection. Ensure you maintain an adequate level of mobility—walk around at least five minutes Asiaj two hours. This helps to avoid the formation of blood clots. Adian usually allow patients to return to work after two weeks. Makeup can make your surgery less visible. You will have significant bruising and swelling, but go to an emergency center if you begin to experience severe pain, bleeding, or a temperature above degrees.

Lee will make a one to one and a half inch incision beneath the breast fold. This step adds 30 minutes to the length of the procedure. Alternatively, donated cartilage from a tissue bank can be used. In many cases, septal cartilage is sufficient for accomplishing the goals of rhinoplasty. What are some common errors seen in Asian rhinoplasty? Some common reasons exist as to why patients come for revision rhinoplasty. For example, a surgeon may surgically narrow the nostrils creating a pasted-on appearanceuse an implant on the tip which can shift and become visibleor unnecessarily break the nasal bones which can lead to uneven bone position or an unnatural flow to the nasal contour.

In particular, the nasal bridge and nasal tip are often mistreated when it comes to Asian noses and rhinoplasty. In an effort to reinforce the nasal bridge, sometimes it is made overly large.

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An Asian nasal bridge begins around the level of the eyelashes or lower and has a slight break between the forehead and the start of the bridge. If surgeons ignore this essential physical characteristic, the result is more of a Greek nose. This looks unbalanced and unnatural on an Asian face. Another common mistake is to remove cartilage from the nasal tip in an attempt to make it more narrow. A weak nasal tip in an Asian nose is usually not the result of excess cartilage as with Caucasian noses but rather is a Asian nose jobs that the cartilage itself is weak. Removing cartilage or using sutures to fold the tip into the appropriate Asian nose jobs will ultimately fail.

Instead, the tip should be buttressed with additional cartilage from the septum or from the ear to reinforce and project the nasal tip upward, like propping up a tent. Should a more severe infection occur, hospitalization or surgery may be necessary. Excessive Bleeding — Some patients experience excessive bleeding during or after surgery. Although the majority of cases involve minor bleeding that ceases promptly after surgery, prolonged bleeding may require emergency treatment, such as nasal draining. Visible Scars — Patients may have visible or asymmetrical scarring after the procedure, as well as discoloration from the sutures. There may also be tiny red spots around the nose caused by burst blood vessels.

In many of these cases, additional skin care treatments may be necessary to reduce noticeable scarring. Prepare For the Unexpected Although major complications are extremely rare, it's important to prepare for any outcome. Other complications may include difficulty breathing through the nose, irregularities in the skin, nasal septal perforation a hole in the nasal septumunsatisfactory scar location, poor healing, and loss of sensation. There is also a rare possibility that your nose may heal in an abnormal shape due to unexpected post-surgical trauma or even sleeping incorrectly on your nose. Adhesions, which are scars that form on the bridge across the nasal cavity, may also cause nasal obstruction and breathing difficulties.

With his extensive training and qualifications, Dr. Chow is an excellent choice for your Asian rhinoplasty surgeon. If you're concerned about the potential risk of complications, we urge you to contact us today for a consultation to discuss your concerns in person.

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