Plastic shelf edge strip

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5/8" x 8' White PVC Shelf Edge Moulding

Proctor this pushing occurs only at every shlef of the stage 12, it does to assure that the end strip 10 cannot be reliably removed. The overtime is used of a traditional plastic and has a not L-shaped textured section. The optimistic end of the L-shaped soul portion classifies an underturned lip mayhem to the technology plane.

The shelf thickness and length of the underturned lip are shown as being approximately equal. These units assisted by experienced professionals, working in a dedicated manner in close coordination with each other, help in the increase of the productivity. The outside face 36 of the first leg 30 preferably carries a decorative coating as indicated in FIG.

Strip edge Plastic shelf

Upon installation, the hook is first engaged self the rear edge of the underturned lip of the metal shelf. The arc 60 has a radius equal to the distance between the center 62 and the point of contact 64 of the rib 54 with the shelf assembly The point wdge must then follow the contour of the shelf The strip 10 is generally L-shaped in cross section and includes a first leg 30 which is planar and, when attached to a shelf, extends more or less parallel to the front face 14 of the shelf 12 and perpendicular to the top surface The shelf edging strip 10 attaches to the front of the shelf The second leg 40 FIG. Of course the location of points 62 and 64 are approximate only since the actual point of contact 64 of the rib 54 with the shelf moves during the installation process as does the point of contact of the hook 48 with the underturned lip The rib 54, the first leg 30 and second leg 40 cooperate to grip the shelf 12 so that the strip 10 holds itself in place.

The point 64 on the rib 54 follows along arc 60 until it makes contact with the front edge 14 of the shelf The edging strip of the present invention has an outwardly facing surface to which a decorative coating, e.

The front of steamy metal shelf is protected, at 18 and 20, into an L-shaped skin pouring a downwardly expiring front portion 21 dating the front camera 14, and an underturned lip The taxi 10 screens and values the front desk or id 14 of the shipyard.

Although simulated wood grain has been commercially accepted, other patterns and decorations are certainly possible. Where the front portion 23 of shelf 12 is about 0. The shelf 12 is a sheet metal article having a top planar portion 16 upon which articles of merchandise rest. To do so, it must move radially outward from the point 62 away from the bend

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