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Couples must rediscover each other, and the woman's libido may require reawakening. Their sex repertoire will undergo changes that the couple should be able to anticipate. The author of this article has proposed a four-step process in the reawakening of a new mother's libido Polomeno, Some couples may require only one sexual encounter before breezing through the four steps, while others may require 2 months. Restaurant, cinema, walking together Nonsexual touch: Relax and enjoy each other. Step 3 Sexual context: Use of erotic massage leading to sexual arousal no vaginal penetration by penis Mutual caressing, oral-genital pleasuring, gentle erotic films, music, incense, feathers, oils, creams, vibrators, sex games, sexual fantasies Sexual encounter needs to be planned.

What is important is shared feeling of intimacy. Step 4 Sexual context continues, leading to sexual intercourse Use of perineal massage to test vagina for intercourse readiness and to allay any fears regarding sexual resumption Open in a separate window In the first step, a context needs to be set up such as the couple going to a restaurant without the baby, seeing a film, or simply taking a walk together. Afterwards, a woman can experience the touch of her partner in a non-sexual way such as the couple taking their shower or bath together.

Soaping each other's bodies is an act of caring through touch. Hugging daily is essential. The couple should be encouraged to take time out every day for 10 minutes to lie together in their bed and simply hug. This is a gentle way to re-establish intimacy, as each partner supports the other and affection and contact are exchanged. No talking is recommended at this time.

At the end of the 10 minutes, their conversation should be in relation to their bond and intimacy. In the second jave, the couple uses massage in a non-sexual way. The use of creams or oils may be soothing to the mother who had to deal with the baby all day. The other Waatching can reciprocate the massage. Sometimes, a certain part of the body such as the jer, the head, or the feet may be targeted. Generally, the couple avoidsthe erogenous zones, namely the genital area and the breasts. The goal of this step is to relax and to enjoy each other's bodies. When the couple is ready for the third step, they may wish to integrate erotic massage.

All parts of the body are deeply massaged, but sexual intercourse is not the goal. This level of intimacy needs to be carefully planned, such as making sure the baby is really asleep and the telephone is tended by an answering machine or unhooked. One partner can tell the other what feels good, to speed up the massage or to slow it down, or to be more gentle or harder in the pressure. The pleasure one partner gives the other is important, but what is even more important is the shared feeling of being intimate, of being together. Babies appear to sense when their parents have been intimate and are more calm, basking in their parents' contentment and afterglow of the sexual encounter Beaulieu, ; Polomeno, In the last step, sexual intercourse is encouraged.

Watching her mother have sex The father may share a similar fear. He wants to make love but is afraid to hurt her. The couple can use the technique of perineal massage to assuage these fears Polomeno, In the postpartum period, the woman first does gentle perineal massage and then uses her thumb to test the vagina. If not, she can use perineal massage for a few days to desensitize the vagina and gently condition it to thumb pressure. He can be invited to continue the perineal massage himself and to ascertain that the vagina will be able to receive him. Perinatal Education, Sex, and Breastfeeding Perinatal educators can use their classes to present the changes in sexuality and breastfeeding in order to help pregnant couples anticipate these changes.

They may even develop confidence in themselves as they cross this sensitive period in their relationship. Perinatal education classes permit couples to explore the fears associated with these changes, to be supported in their endeavors, and adapt successfully to the transition. A list of questions regarding the assessment of the relationship between sex and breastfeeding is presented in Table 5. The educator can select appropriate questions from this list to be used postnatally. Selected questions from the list can be used in an open format either individually or in a Watching her mother have sex group context or written down in a questionnaire.

The objective is to broach the subject in a neutral way, thus permitting couples to feel comfortable with the subject matter. When was the decision made to breastfeed the baby? What were the reasons motivating this form of feeding? What were her initial expectations for the breastfeeding experience? How did she feel about the changes in her breasts during pregnancy? How did she anticipate integrating her roles of breastfeeding mother and lover? When did she first breastfeed her baby? How was this experience? What problems did she encounter, and if she did encounter some, how were they resolved?

What feelings were evoked during this initial time? How did the reality of the experience meet her original expectations for breastfeeding? How long does she anticipate breastfeeding? What factors will help her continue breastfeeding? What problems has she encountered so far, and how has she resolved them? When did she decide to wean her baby? Why did she wean her baby? How long did it take to wean the baby? What is the nature of her relationship with her partner? When did she first make love with her partner after the birth of the baby? How did this experience meet her original expectations? How is lovemaking while breastfeeding different or the same as lovemaking before being pregnant? Were there any bodily changes during lovemaking such as lack of vaginal lubrication and leaking breasts during orgasm?

Any other body changes? When did she start to feel the desire to make love with her partner after the birth of the baby? When does she feel her libido came back after the birth of the baby? What is her frequency for making love at the present time? Who usually initiates lovemaking? How is this done? How does she feel when she breastfeeds her baby? What feelings are evoked before, during, and after the breastfeeding encounter? Is there any sexual excitement or stimulation on her part? How is this manifested? Which reactions from her baby has she noticed while breastfeeding?

What was the impact of weaning on her libido? The Partner, Breastfeeding, and Sex: How did he originally feel when the decision was made to breastfeed the baby? What were his reasons for wanting his baby to be breastfed? How did he see his role as the father of the breastfed baby? How did his expectations for the experience meet the reality? How does he feel when he sees his baby being breastfed? What is the nature of his relationship with his partner? When did they first make love after the birth of the baby? Who initiated this encounter? How would he describe it? What changes has he noticed in his partner's body while she has been breastfeeding?

How does he feel about his partner's breasts? Has he touched them? How did he feel about this? Has he tried to suck his partner's breasts? How was the experience? How would he describe human milk? Has he tried to be creative with lovemaking and breastfeeding? What did he do that was different or the same? What has been the impact of weaning on his partner's libido? What is the frequency of lovemaking at the present time? How does the couple feel about the changes in their relationship since the arrival of their baby?

How has breastfeeding changed their relationship? How has the couple's sexuality been affected by breastfeeding? How has the relationship and intimacy been affected since the weaning of the baby? With practice perinatal educators can increase their own comfort in discussing the topic. They may add other interesting content to the discussion such as the identification of erogenous zones and how to include them in the sex repertoire. Lactation has ramifications that must be integrated into the couple's lovemaking.

Some couples make this adjustment with ease, while others may require months or even years to work it out. Couples should be encouraged to remember to express their love for each other while taking care of a baby since the couple's bond is the basis of family love and family intimacy. Appendix Post-Test Questions 1. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding breastfeeding and postpartum adjustment? The uterus of the breastfeeding mother who had a vaginal birth returns faster to its original size when compared to that of a woman who had a Cesarean birth. Ovulation is always suppressed during breastfeeding.

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