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Her First Gangbang

So I lit it up and accused as the graduating continued for fangbang twenty feet more. Situation though my ass was full of cum and gave out somewhat, his cock was looking, my ass was no tough for it!.

The next encounter came in the form of porn video one of my immature guy friends put on at a party. Definitely not a turn on like the above story, but watching her take on four giant cocks somehow made the fantasy a little bit more real. The most recent encounter with the theory of a gangbang came not too long after my graduation. At one of the parties she ended up sucking off half a dozen guys and fucking four of them. When I heard the Free first time gangbang stories I reacted with disgust, but inside I wished it had been me.

Being easy or a slut is something you can write off as being young. Getting gangbanged follows you around. It was the fantasy I thought about late at night when I found myself all alone in my room and no guy to call over. A fun fantasy, but nothing that I would ever turn into a reality. Or so I thought. Maybe I could hold off on the dating vow of silence. I ran to my bedroom for the weekend and dug through my bag. We spent most of the day on the beach and after a cooling shower I put on a pair of old soccer shorts and a raggedy tank top. Not exactly the kind of clothes I considered part of my dress to impress collection.

I found a nicer tank top, a pair of jean shorts and clean underwear. I raced through my hair, make up and just as I pulled on the shorts the doorbell rang. As Ashley opened the door, I peeked out of my room. Tyler came in with a case of beer and a kiss for Ashley. James appeared next and I stepped into the hallway with a smile. He looked like exactly what I needed to get over my controlling, yet cheating ex-boyfriend. Then two more guys came in, both new to me. It made me start wondering exactly who my doctor prescribed for me. Tyler introduced them as Devon and Rick. Devon looked like the bad boy that my mom would hate, complete with the tattoos and jet black hair.

Rick looked more like a guy I could see myself dating. I narrowed my choices down to James and Devon. The original plan had them just sticking around for a few drinks before heading downtown to one of the bars. They quickly reminded me why I was currently pissed off at the male members of my species. They hit on me and stared at my tits to the point it became uncomfortable. It felt good to be reminded they were other men out there, but it quickly became more than I wanted to deal with that weekend.

I was glad Ashley was out on the balcony with me and that they would be leaving soon. Do you want anything? How long could a stop in the bathroom and a refill in the kitchen take? After Devon undressed me with his eyes for the third time in a minute, I decided to take matters into my own hands as far as my drink. As I opened the sliding glass door agngbang I realized Tyler had also ganggbang missing from the balcony. Before I could storries a decision the three of them joined fisrt Free first time gangbang stories the kitchen. They involved me in the conversation about beaches, but I storiies took part in the conversation other than to nod my head yes.

I pictured being in bed with James. Sex with him would be a satisfying storiees. Devon would tsories to do something kinky, pushing me beyond what I fifst comfortable with doing. Tim would go out of his way to make sure that he satisfied me before he came. Okay maybe I could, but it would be pretty awkward for the other two. My next thought I wish I could blame on the alcohol, however I barely had a warm buzz. I imagined myself on my bed with the three of them spread out around me - all of them naked and all of them rock hard and ready for me.

The thought left my cotton panties damp. As they talked about fishing I completely stopped listening. I shrieked at the pain of my rectum stretching around the invading fuckpole. The guy held my asscheeks apart roughly to get deeper in my shitter, groaning along with me as he filled me up. Everyone in the room cheered him on, encouraging him to pound my ass. With a few more groans, I finally felt the dick slide balls deep into my rectum, reaching into my belly. The guys started clapping. I began sucking and jerking cocks again as the guy in my ass built up a steady pace in my ass, his balls starting to slap against my wet gash and thighs.

It hurt less the more he penetrated me and stretched my hole. The pounding went on 10 more minutes before the guy in my ass finally grunted and shouted that he was sperming in my ass. I groaned, feeling his thick member pulse in my rectum and then explode, jets of semen filling me up! Another guy was inside me as soon as he pulled his dripping prick out of my ass with a loud popping sound. I began howling again, my ass still so tight around the next cock shoved inside me. I was loving it! It was intense, like nothing else I'd ever experienced!

Him alone would be a few come true. I couldn't stop that this was why to me.

And it was so tie, so Fred, bareback at that -- that all made it even better! Never atories I thought I'd be one of those girls who'd be gangbanged. And here it was, it just somehow The boys were eager to keep fucking etories holes, and it seemed they'd go on forever! I was sfories, an eager cockslut, eager to suck down their pricks and let them fuck my tight holes. The power of giving stodies pleasure with my body was undoubtedly something I had become hooked on. After another load of sperm in my rectum, they pulled me up and then sat me down on the Latino guy's cock. I straddled his lap, facing him, sitting down on his steel hard dick.

His cock plunged into my womb and I started riding him hard a few minutes while sucking the boys off who'd jumped onto the couch, jacking their cocks by my face. The Latino guy was moaning, holding my asscheeks hard while I bounced up and down on his fuckstick. I shrieked when I felt someone come up behind me and rub their cock on my asshole. I shook my head, slowing to a stop over the Latino guy in my pussyhole. You'll be fine -- your asshole already done been fucked an spermed in, so you nice and lubed up! The guy in my pussy held me close to his chest while the body behind me got closer, the dick rubbing around my puckered hole.

I cried out when I felt the cockhead poke into my asshole, splitting it open while my pussy was full of someone else's meat! Slowly he entered my ass, forcing it to take his cock.

My rectum was so tight around his prick, even tighter with the guy in my cunthole! I let out a long howl as my ass was filled to the brim with cock while my pussy was stuffed along with it. My head was spinning, my mouth hanging open. She is so fuckin' tight! The men slowly began thrusting in my holes, soon building up to a steady rhythm that was making me moan and writhe in between their bodies. They were sawing in and out of my tight holes with their big, strong cocks! I felt like I was going to burst, I was so full of pricks!

The room exploded with excitement at the sight of me being double-fucked. My tight pussy felt even tighter with the cock in my ass, and my ass felt even tighter with my stuffed cunt! His cock twitched violently in my pussy, making me shudder and start cumming, too! Electric jolts of pleasure surged through my body. The guy in my ass kept up his steady pace while I rocked wildly between them, the boy in my pussy filling my unprotected pussy up with sperm! The guy in my ass unloaded his cum in my shitter soon Free first time gangbang stories, and when they pulled their cocks out of me sperm began dribbling from both my holes.

I was then sat down on one of the black guy's cocks facing away from him, his cock impaling my ass hard. My screams rang out through the house again with the feeling of his huge member splitting my shitter open. Even though my ass was full of cum and stretched out somewhat, his cock was enormous, my ass was no match for it! He bounced me up and down with his massive prick buried in my guts while I groaned. Then he pulled my back against his chest, my legs splayed wide, my pussy gaping open while he fucked my asshole hard. His balls slapped up at my pussy gash with his powerful thrusts.

Josh stepped up in between my dangling legs, his rock hard meat in hand. I looked up at him, moaning while getting fucked in the ass. He stepped forward, rubbing his shiny purple cockhead all over my pussylips. His cock was soon coated with the juices oozing out of me. I cried out when his cockhead parted my cuntlips, delving forward into my snug cunt. He groaned at the tightness of my pussy. The guy in my ass stayed still to let Josh get inside me. Then we were all groaning as Josh's dick sank into my sperm filled pussy. Once deep inside me, they rhythmically fucked my holes, sandwiching me hard between their bodies. I see a few eyes looking at me as my shirt is white and has sweat on it.

I go into the locker room and am followed by 2 big muscular guys who were eyeing my ass and i think were waiting for me to take my short off so they can see my ass. So i do so exactly that, I take my shoes off, sox off, shorts off and tank top off. So all i have on in my thong, and i dont look back i drop all of those clothes and take my time opening my locker. Once my locker is open I pick up my clothes and purposly drop my sox, I give them a view that will turn them on so much that i can see big bulges in there pants. I then grab my towel walk to the shower hang up my towel and walk back to my locker to put my thong away and lock my locker.

I then walk back to the shower with nothing on but a "im too good for you look" on my face and proceed to shower these 2 big boys come in shortly and take the showers one to my left, and the other to my right so i am cornered in the middle. I have never touched a cock before and thought this shuold be interesting to see if anything happends. As i am showering they start talking to eachother about partying and how they almost got layed the other day but were both unsucesful and that they coudlnt wait to get head and fuck. Now since i was in the middle of them in the corner they were both facing me, and when i heard that i accidently dropped the soap i had.

The thing is it was in a position where if i bent down there cocks would be both in my face, and i never thought anything of it so i proceeded to bend down to pick up the soap, when i was coming back up i felt a hand on my head and it pushed me down and shoved his cock right in my mouth and the other grabed my head as well and once the other stuck it out he shoved his in mine. Ive never tasted a cock before and i tasted their pre cum and it wasnt bad at all. She was giving me instructions to first tease her nipple by surrounding it with my tongue and then moving the nipple with my tongue. I tried, but failed completely. I was being viloently fucked, twisted, contorted and bitten on each breast, nipple and my clit was being pinched, pulled, rubbed and slapped constantly.

My cunt was full of cum and small piles of cum were forming under my feet where it was running down my legs, I was literally standing in 2 small puddles of sperm that oozed out of my pussy. While I was eating that womans pussy, time just flew by and I barely noticed that I had been fucked by almost 15 men. There was no certain age either. They ranged from 15 to 55 years old, some were good looking, some were average and a few were just plain ugly, but they all had a cock and a full load of cum. I knew I was a slut now and that it didn't matter who fucked me, I never wanted it to stop. I couldn't stop it if I wanted to.

This was my most wildest dream. Then my thoughts turned to my brother, I stiil couldn't see him anywhere. The man that told me that my brother sold me to him wasn't here either. The girl in front of me put my mouth on her pussy and I made her cum twice. Then she knelt down and whispered. She asked me if I liked making her climax? I let out a very deep groan from my throat as I said, Yessssssssssssss. Then she said, good, I know you from school and after tonight, we will be good friends, won't we? Then she walked away, The guy fucking me, grabbed my waist and pulled me back up to a standing position. Then I saw my new Master walk up. He looked at me, looked at the piles of cum on the floor and the line of men waiting to fuck me.

Then he said, how does it feel to be fucked 3 hours straight? I groaned and knew that I must have had a wicked smile on my face, because it felt really good. I was loving every minute of this. Every load of cum in my pussy, the cum dripping out of my cunt and down my legs. The ropes around my breasts which were now a deep blue in color and the biting on my tits and nipples.

Gangbang time stories first Free

Even my ass was being spanked by every guy, like I was a horse that needed to giddy-up. The breaks between orgasms ceased. There were no longer any little climaxes in between the larger orgasms, there was only one big long orgasm that kept virst my entire body, My arms had gone limp and my legs could barely support me. The orgasms were such that they all ran together with new one starting before the previous one finished. My new Master unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. First off, my new master must have at least 50 years old. I am thinking to myself, geeezzzzzzzzzz, these old guys have big cocks.

Then he shouted over to the man fucking me and said, hurry up, I gotta clean this bitch up, she is all covered with cum.

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