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Sexual Dysfunction and Hernias: Separating the Facts From the Bull

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You might experience bruising and swelling of the scrotum, penis, and testicles in the days after the procedure. Pain is certainly a consideration in the days after hernia surgery. This is due to the incisions and your body adjusting to any implanted mesh. In men who experience post-operative swelling of the penis and testicles, there may not be much desire for intercourse.

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It may be Afte painful, or at least quite uncomfortable for a while. Another factor is the location of the hernia and the muscles involved. Since old age can affect sexual function, the higher mean age in our study compared with other studies could also justify this difference. Nevertheless, the difference in interview intervals may affected the result of sexual assessment. Since the pain and other postoperative complications are expected to decline slowly, it is more likely that patients with longer interval from operating time could have more desirable sexual performance. Conclusion Herniorrhaphy with Stoppa technique does not worsen or improve sexual function of the patients with hernia and can be safely done in patients with preoperative normal sexual function.

Hernia sex surgery After

However, it is probably better to consider other techniques in patients with impaired preoperative sexual function. Acknowledgments The results described in this paper formed part of a thesis submitted by the fifth author for a postgraduate degree sugery general surgery. The authors sincerely acknowledge Ms. Hassanpour for editing the manuscript. Notes Cite this article as: Sexual function after Heernia hernia repair in patients with bilateral inguinal hernia. Laparoscopic repair for groin hernias. Beneficial effect of inguinal hernioplasty on testicular perfusion and sexualfunction.

Sexual function and testicular perfusion after inguinal hernia repair with mesh. Sexual function after Stoppa hernia repair in patients with bilateral inguinal hernia. Med J Islam Repub Iran. Functional and morphological evaluation of different polypropylene mesh modifications for abdominal wall repair. The effect of mesh prosthesis on the spermatic cord structures: Persistent orchialgia after inguinal hernia repair: Recovery of sexual function after scrotal hernia repair. A prospective assessment of quality of life before and after plug and patch inguinal hernia repair. Quality of life assessment in patients with inguinal hernia. Sexual function before and after mesh repair of inguinal hernia.

Pain related sexual dysfunction after inguinal herniorrhaphy. Instead, they might have discomfort, a dull ache, or no noticeable symptoms except for the bulging from the hernia itself.

But people who do Agter pain are more likely to experience sexual problems, says Towfigh. A study published in the International Journal of Urologywhich included men and 14 women, revealed that Inguinal hernia operations are the most common surgery for hernias. Although hernias do not appear to have a direct link to sexual dysfunction, pain after surgery may cause sexual dysfunction in some patients, but it is a complicated issue, says Towfigh. According to the Cleveland Clinicpain after surgery may be associated with the mesh used in hernia repair.

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