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That is why fleets, operators and transport companies turn to MAC, they know they can rely on the structural integrity, durability and trsiler that bottkm designed, engineered and built into the top rails, the rear gates, hinges, bumpers and rear tralier of all MAC trailers. Use in a trailer[ edit ] Optionally, the semi-trailer may include a movable front wall with a rubber flap at the bottom extending onto the floor, or simply a movable flap or tarp at the front of the trailer bed on which the material was loaded. When all three sets move in unison, the load is moved upon them in the direction the operator wishes.

The operator can enter a narrow low gate and dump the load inside a building.

Every Titan trailer goes through production with a full set of custom design prints and quality control checks, so every Walkiing on the job knows exactly what our customer is expecting. Versatility Move diverse products in same trailer; can unload at multiple locations. Boosts Bottom Line More Capacity than comparably sized tipper or belt trailer- Increased payload means fewer trips, saving time and fuel- No more trailer tip overs or belt replacements. Conveying pallets[ edit ] A similar system is designed specifically for moving pallets.

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Steel V-Slat Design Long lasting high-wear steel flooring- J-Bearing provides full-length bearing support- Slat, bearing and sub-deck combination designed for maximum impact. With the opening of the new 37, square foot addition to our manufacturing facilities, we have taken our commitment to a healthier environment a step further. Slats or decking range from the aluminum smooth surface traditionally used for movement of agricultural-wood materials, the high impact designs for solid waste or the steel slat for the more robust aggressive abrasive loads of scrap, white goods, crushed cars or sand. It uses only two rather than three sets of slats; where one set raises the load just enough for the second set to retract.

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