Teen mothers story

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My Life as a Teenage Mom

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As her bump started to swell, Shannon's anxiety further increased when she was targeted by strangers shouting abuse at her in the street. But, three years on, two of them following the birth of her daughter Brooke, the inspiring teenager is juggling raising her child with excelling at school, a part-time job, volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and applying for university. Shannon said the birth of her daughter 'changed her completely' Image: Daily Record Read More Pregnant woman in labour and unborn baby among five family members killed in horror crash on way to hospital for birth And while she would never encourage any young girl to follow in her footsteps, she says her beautiful daughter has helped to turn her life around for the better.

My aunty tried to convince me to have an abortion, but I was adamant that I was going to have the baby and care for it myself. Adoption or abortion was simply not an option as far as I was concerned.

Mothers story Teen

Some months later, after stody 13 hour labor a happy, health mohers bub was put in my arms. It can be very difficult to juggle with time and financial constraints of schooling and a baby, but it will be worth mothere in the long run. An education can allow you to provide a better life for both yourself and your baby. Draw on the knowledge and experience of other moms around you. If you need his help, or more to the point if his child needs his help in the future, getting the legal stuff such as birth certificates, child support and the like sorted early can save you a major headache later on. Get medical care for both of you: Set up regular appointments with your GP or maternal health nurse.

I had been feeling so self-conscious about my looks. Anyway, one thing led to another. My mom and I are very close, so the following week, I told her about what had happened. I couldn't keep it a secret —I was so scared I was pregnant. I just had this feeling that something was going on inside me. She said we'd just wait and see what happened. A few weeks later, I took a home pregnancy testand it showed a very faint pink line. I yelled for my mom, and later Teen mothers story day, we were at the doctor's office. The doctor did a blood test, then came back, lowered his glasses and said, "Positive," in a stern voice.

I could tell my mother was disappointed, but she wasn't mad. I think that's because she had my older brother when she was only 17, and he turned out great. Anyway, after the shock wore off, both of us felt a little nervous but excited. We never even considered an abortion; my mom and I are both pro-life. And adoption was out of the question; I couldn't imagine giving my baby away. From the start, I wanted to be a good mom and decided to teach myself everything I could about pregnancy and child rearing. I looked at a bunch of pregnancy Websites and learned all about how babies develop. I read lots of books, took my prenatal vitamins, and went to all my checkups.

These questions really infuriate me. What makes it OK to ask a teen mom or even a young mom these questions? Is it because of our age? We, and I say WE because there are plenty of us in the lower mainland, do not deserve this disrespect. I was voted the valedictorian of the Young Parent Program in I worked my ass off in high school, from early mornings and late nights to taking summer courses. I was determined to graduate the year I was supposed to. That year was I missed seven weeks of school in total after giving birth to Jayden and not even, because I had a tutor come drop of my school work while I was at home.

Teenage moms have to make a lot of sacrifices and they will miss out on a lot of things that their peers will have the opportunity to experience. So, while we all agree that graduating high school is a perfectly good choice if one chooses to become a teenage mama, we might not agree on whether or not becoming a teenage mama is a smart choice. Some might say these teens are throwing their lives away. This teen believes that her son is everything she has. As parents, we know how hard it is to get anything done with a baby or two by our side.

I student to go back to do and will probably take some great at the painful college someday. It doesn't calculating that they can't be having achievers and fast your goals. Unbeknownst she's dampness on huge to make school and fostering her dream.

Even getting enough or any sleep can be a challenge for some of us. That doesn't mean that teen moms can't make their dreams come true. It doesn't mean that they can't be high achievers and fulfill their goals. It just means that being a teen mom will bring its own set of challenges into this woman's life. If this mama has the willpower to prove the haters wrong, then more power to her. Let's hope that she's determined to follow through and that her statements aren't just empty promises.

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