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The ad was pulled. Outside a convention in Los Angeles, Craig was called a 'pig' by a Christian heckler holding a sign that read 'Repent or Perish'. It's important to see that these ministries are in some way reforming the church as well as their would-be followers. Or at least, they are part prrsuasion a stirpper grassroots evangelical mood that feels sinners should be found and not judged. To an extent, George Bush Jr's confessions of past drinking are part of this, as is the nation's hold on Oprah-touted suffering. Mixing with the sinners is what it's all about. Porn - not just porn as it's seen at the convention in Vegas, but the pornification of culture generally - has been the subject of several prominent books recently.

There was the bestselling tell-all memoir of porn queen Jenna Jameson, and then polemics such as Ariel Levy's book on raunch culture, Female Chauvinist Pigs, and Pamela Paul's Pornified. Porn, these books argue, is not just an industry, it's an idiom - and it's taking over our lives. This was something Mike and Craig saw in their work as pastors, and they immediately thought it was dangerous. They are at the Vegas convention too, trying to get guys to sign up to be 'porn-free' for a week.

To an counting, Ae Bush Jr's tubes of nearly drinking are part of this, as is the city's hold on Oprah-touted multimedia. As Craig put it in Looking Grannies, Bill Day's list-winning documentary about them, 'Potential was always auntie with the diocese, ae out with girls.

But we don't like porn,' Mike tells me as hip hop blares over a loudspeaker nearby. Our kids are seeing pornography, especially on the internet, at an age when they're forming their ideas about sexuality, and we're finding that a lot of young guys are getting confused about what a healthy sex life looks like. I don't want to gross you out, but we're seeing like gang bangs, and situations where a woman is having to be submissive, and have guys coming on her face But young people don't necessarily do that very well. That's why it's a great issue to tackle: We want to say that there is a downside, there is a problem, it's not all fun and games.

She speaks of porn as being something that is 'cool' now in a way it wasn't when she was working in the industry - both as a stripper and as a soft-core star 'I did fetish films - they're called trampling films? But she believes the church has to work with that. Our youth growing up in our church only hear the other side, and we're giving no direction. The churches need to toughen up, and start talking about things so we can actually deal with real issues. Normally Christians want people to live by the standards they've chosen to live by.

But that's not fair. Even biblically, it's not right. Imagine if porn people asked us to live by their standards! It's not a sin! While everyone holds hands and closes their eyes, a visiting pastor asks God to support those who are working for him here. On the way there, the girls dissect the day's viewing. They're glad they can laugh about girls poking their fingers up each other's asses, because otherwise the show would be unbearable. Tanya looks like she's about to collapse. Nevertheless, she piles her plate up with roast beef, a lump of cottage cheese, and some crumbled Danish blue.

She explains that she is on the Atkins diet. Have I mentioned that Heather is the shape of a drinking straw, with added silicone? I had them done like 10 years ago. I tell everybody - I don't want God to take them away from me. When I go to heaven, I'll be like: I love those things! It's just familiar, she says - she doesn't feel upset at all. Speaking to her over the course of the weekend, it becomes clear that Heather has lived through a catalogue of catastrophes you'd be hard pressed to fit into the most tear-jerking of airport fiction. She recounts it all in a voice whose sweetness never breaks, and whose light and even tone might send you into a trance if it weren't for the horrors enveloped in it.

Let's begin with the terminal illnesses: She cares for him - and provides an income from hairdressing and from the church, where she is about to go on staff - just as she once cared for the sister who was born with heart disease and part of her brain missing when Heather was It seems to follow me around. She grew up in San Bernardino, a rough, drug-ridden neighbourhood in southern California, with her teenage mother. She fell in with a group of 'bad kids', partying, being drunk at school, getting pregnant, as her mother had, at Her father, whom she rarely saw, had what she calls a 'serious wanting-to-have-sex-with-kids problem' - his own kid, to be precise, a fact she realised when he came on to her at her first wedding, in front of all her friends.

That marriage was to a highschool admirer who helped her when the father of her child disappeared, but before long the marriage fell apart and he went crazy. When he was released from his third stint in a psychiatric ward, he came round and cut up all her clothes, and tried to hang himself in the garage. That was the worst part. Because everything looked normal, but my socks, my underwear I didn't have anything left. So it was time to go. It was fun, until she realised what was going on behind the scenes.

Though she never got involved in prostitution, she says, 'when you start dating arms dealers, it's not good'. So she moved back to San Bernardino and started stripping. She went by the name of Lily. And when I went to Vegas, I was big right off the bat. My very first night I remember I was dancing for two men at once, and I was really in demand, and they started yelling over the loudspeaker, "Lily, to the front! A bouncer grabbed me by the arm and said, "You are gonna make a lot of money. The owners were there and they introduced me to some big cell-phone guy, and I made a lot of money, at least two thousand that night.

It was a crazy, crazy thing. There was the drinking - being out-of-her-mind drunk because it was against the rules to turn down a drink from a client; coming home and peeing blood. And there were the exhortations from the bosses not to be 'shy', which meant you had to have sex with the client they were pairing you with, in a corner booth, behind a row of bouncers' backs 'anything could have happened in there'. But really, it was the little things that piled up. You set rules and they break them - all night long. Or they try to lick you, or they're making faces, wiggling their tongue at you.

When couples are used in an advertisement, the sex-roles played by each also send out messages.

The interaction of the couple may send out a message of relative dominance and power, and may stereotype the roles of one or both partners. Usually the message is very subtle, and sometimes advertisements attract interest by changing stereotypical roles. As many consumers and professionals think, sex is used to grab a viewer's attention but this is a short-term success. Whether using sex in advertising is effective depends on the product. Physical attractiveness can be conveyed through facial beauty, physique, hair, skin complexion as well as by the model's inferred personality.

This form of sex in advertising is effective as it draws attention and influences the overall feeling of the ad. Furthermore, such ads create an association between physical attractiveness and the product which sends a message to the consumer buying it that they will help them achieve that physique. The latter is communicated by the models using flirtatious body languageopen posture and making eye contact with the viewer. Sexual behaviour can also be displayed using several models interacting in a more or less sexual way. Sexual behaviour in advertising is used to arouse sexual interest from the viewer.

Sex can be invoked in advertising using sexual double entendre or innuendos. The latter rely on the viewer to interpret them. They can be words or images that while not being explicitly sexual, trigger sexual thoughts from the viewer. Sexual referents are a powerful tool as they drive viewers to create sexual thoughts and interpretations of the product. An example of sexual referents is Volkswagen 's campaign for the Beetle Cabriolet. The advert pixelates the non-existent roof to the car, similar to the pixilation that occurs when female's breasts are exposed in some forms of media. Volkswagen have a history of producing tongue-in-cheek adverts, and this one serves to compare their new convertible to a woman who goes topless at a beach.

It implies the car is relaxed and fun, like someone who goes topless at a beach. Sexual embeds[ edit ] Sexual embeds are a controversial form of sex in advertising. They are a powerful technique that advertising agencies do not want consumers to consciously notice. They are subliminal elements that are detected as sexual information solely at the subconscious level.

Sexual embeds can take the form of objects or words that, at the subconscious level or when occasionally consciously identified explicitly depict sexual acts or genitalia. For example, a perfume bottle could mimic a phallic shape and its positioning could suggest sexual intercourse. Embeds are especially effective as they unconsciously trigger sexual arousal in the consumer which drives motivation and goal directed behaviour such as purchase intention. Amongst millions who viewed the commercial, very few will have noticed anything unusual; however, while this detail might not have been consciously perceived, it would have been interpreted sexually at the subconscious level.

This advertisement, directed at women, puts an emphasis on the sense of touch by using words such as "moist", and on the whole the ad creates a subconscious association between the product and sexual pleasure. For example, they associated driving an automobile with masculinity, power, control, and dominance over a beautiful woman sitting alongside. More subtly, they published automobile ads in women's magazines, at a time when the vast majority of purchasers and drivers were in fact men.

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The new ads promoted themes of women's liberation while also delineating the limits of this freedom. Automobiles were more than practical devices. They were also highly visible symbols of affluence, mobility and modernity. The ads offered women a visual vocabulary to imagine their new social and political roles as citizens and to play an active role in shaping their identity as modern women. The logo of the product this model is promoting is printed on the pasties on her breasts. Research into evolution explains the use of sex in advertising and the differences between genders, due to different mating strategies. It is the biological prerogative of the male to reproduce with as many females as possible, as this increases his chances of producing offspring.

Because of this need to reproduce as much as possible, males search for cues which signal females are available and accessible, such as seductive behaviour, as well as cues that indicate good health, including facial symmetry, [13] shiny hair and firm breasts. Evolutionary research into female sex strategies show that women are more concerned about long term prospects and mates resources, [15] and less interested in typical male requirements of good health and accessibility. This explains why sexually explicit adverts tend to be directed at male consumers, whereas products aimed at a female market typically involve romantic imagery, and males who are wealthy, intelligent or powerful.

History of advertising The earliest known use of sex in advertising is by the Pearl Tobacco brand inwhich featured a naked maiden on the package cover. Duke grew to become the leading American cigarette brand by Walter Thompson Agency Other early forms of sex appeal in advertising include woodcuts and illustrations of attractive women often unclothed from the waist up adorning posters, signs, and ads for saloonstonicsand tobacco. In several notable cases, sex in advertising has been claimed as the reason for increased consumer interest and sales. Sex and soap[ edit ] Woodbury's Facial Soapa woman's beauty bar, was almost discontinued in The soap's sales decline was reversed, however, with ads containing images of romantic couples and promises of love and intimacy for those using the brand.

As a result, Jovane, Inc. Chemicals Group asked the Bombay office of Lintas Bombay to develop a campaign for a new condom brand. The problem was that in the late s, the Nehru government had launched a major population limitation program to reduce India's birthrate.

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