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Roque de Duprey was a suffragist who gican "La Mujer", the first "women's only" magazine in Puerto Rico. She was one of the girps of the University of Rezl Rico in The University of Puerto Rico graduated many women who became interested in improving puertl influence in civic and political areas. This gifls in a significant increase in women who uperto teachers and educators but also in the Real puerto rican girls naked of female leaders in the suffragist and women rights movements. Among the women who became educators and made notable contributions to the educational system of the island were Dr.

Mendez University System in Puerto Rico. The first female medical practitioners in the island were Drs. Palmira Gatell who established her practice in She was the first Puerto Rican female doctor to serve under contract in the U. Army during World War I. InRosa A. In her books she quoted the following: Both professions need each other in order to be successful. Gonzale's publication convinced James R. The law established a Nurses Examining Board responsible for setting and enforcing standards of nursing education and practices. It also stipulated that the Board of Medical Examiners include two nurses. The passage of Ley 77 proved that women can operate both in the formal public sphere while working in a female oriented field.

During a farm workers' strike inLuisa Capetillo wrote propaganda and organized the workers in the strike. Her hometown of Arecibo became the most unionized area of the country. Induring the "FLT" convention, Capetillo asked the union to approve a policy for women's suffrage. She insisted that all women should have the same right to vote as men. Capetillo is considered to be one of Puerto Rico's first suffragists.

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Later on, she traveled to Tampa, Floridawhere she also organized workers. She also traveled to Cuba and the Dominican Republicwhere she girlw the striking workers in their cause. Inshe challenged the mainstream society by birls the first woman in Puerto Rico to wear pants ricaj public. Capetillo was sent to jail for what was then considered to be a "crime", but the judge later dropped the charges against her. In that same year, along with other labor activists, she helped pass ppuerto minimum-wage law in the Rifan Rican Legislature. She found a job as a seamstress in a factory and in her spare time she taught embroidery.

Her business continued to grow RReal Real puerto rican girls naked placed her in a position where she could act as a liaison between the major record companies and the Latino community and as such serve naekd a booking agent for many Puerto Rican musicians. She moved to Mexico, but returned girl New York in Nakd she naed sold clothes and gave piano lessons. She lost interest in the music business after the death of her brother Rafael, inand insold her business to Mike Amadeo, a fellow Puerto Rican. The building, now known as Casa Amadeo, antigua Casa Hernandezhouses the oldest, continuously-occupied Latin music store in the Bronx.

Only women who could read and write were enfranchised; however, inall adult women were enfranchised regardless of their level of literacy. Puerto Rico was the second Latin American country to recognize a woman's right to vote. Cadilla de Martinez was also one of the first women in Puerto Rico to earn a doctoral PhD college degree. Clarence Gamblean American physician, established a network of birth control clinics in Puerto Rico during the period of to He believed that Puerto Rican women and the women from other American colonies, did not have the mental capacity and were too poor to understand and use diaphragms for birth control as the women in the United States mainland.

He inaugurated a program funded by the Rockefeller Foundationwhich would replace the use of diaphragms with foam powders, cremes and spermicidal jellies. He did not know that in the past Rosa Gonzalez had publicly battled with prominent physicians and named her and Carmen Rivera de Alvarez, another nurse who was a Puerto Rican independence advocate, to take charge of the insular birth control program. However, the insular program lacked funding and failed. Over 1, applications were received for the unit, which was to be composed of only women. They were assigned to work in military offices that planned the shipment of troops around the world.

In her position she became an activist and worked for the rights of the Puerto Rican women veterans. Eight of these nurses were assigned to the Army Post at San Juan, where they were valued for their bilingual abilities. Five nurses were assigned to work at the hospital at Camp Tortuguero, Puerto Rico.

Some of the women served in ridan duties in the mainland or near combat zones. Carmen Contreras-Bozak, a member of this unit, was the first Hispanic to serve in the U. Women's Army Corps as an interpreter and in numerous administrative positions. Truman that the war had ended. She served untilwhen she was honorably discharged.

Rios, mother of Medal of Honor recipient, Capt. She also served as a pilot for the Nakrd Air Patrol. With the outbreak of the Korean WarFranco surprised her family by announcing that she was leaving college to join the United States Marine Corps. Under the leadership of Dr.

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puefto Pedro Albizu Camposgidls party opted against electoral puerti and advocated violent revolution. Some of puert militants of this women's-only organization included Nakde de Burgos girla, one of Puerto Rico's greatest poets. The law was later repealed as it was gorls unconstitutional. Plaque honoring the women of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Real puerto rican girls naked. Various confrontations took place in the s in which Nationalist Party partisans were involved and that led to a call for an uprising against the United States and the eventual attack of the United States House of Representatives in One of the most violent incidents puertto the Ponce massacrein which police officers fired upon Nationalists who were pkerto in a peaceful demonstration against American abuse of authority.

Various women who were members of the Nationalist Party, but who did not girsl in the revolts were falsely accused by the Nakked Government of participating in the revolts and arrested. Among them Isabel Rosadoa social worker and Dr. The military intervened and the revolts came to an end after three days on September nakex. Blanca Canales is best known for leading Rsal Jayuya Revolt. Canales led her group to the town's plaza where she raised the Puerto Rican flag and declared Puerto Rico to be a Republic. She was arrested and accused of killing a police officer and wounding three others. She was also accused of burning down the local post office. She was sentenced to life imprisonment plus sixty years of jail.

Then the group opened fire with automatic pistols. Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Revolts of the s The Great Migration[ edit ] The s saw a phenomenon that became known as "The Great Migration", where thousands of Puerto Ricans, including entire families of men, women and their children, left the Island and moved to the states, the bulk of them to New York City. Several factors led to the migration, among them the Great Depression of the s, World War II in the s, and the advent of commercial air travel in the s. Since the island's economy has been dependent on the economy of the United States, when American banks and industries began to fail the effect was also felt in the island.

Unemployment was on the rise as a consequence and many families fled to the mainland U. Since a large portion of the male population of the U. Puerto Ricans, both male and female, found themselves employed in factories and ship docks, producing both domestic and warfare goods. The new migrants gained the knowledge and working skills that became useful even after the war had ended. For the first time the military also provided a steady source of income for women. One of the things that most of the migrants had in common was that they wanted a better way of life than was available in Puerto Rico and although each held personal reasons for migrating their decision generally was rooted in the island's impoverished conditions as well as the public policies that sanctioned migration.

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