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The magazine sues and wins. The implications were enormous and immediate: He says American culture is past the point of no return when it comes to porn, and explains that he sponsored the measure for one reason—to start a conversation about protecting minors. Legislators had, in previous decades, looked the other way.

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The star of Deep Throat, Linda Lovelace, ultimately became a born-again Christian and an anti-porn advocate. InSamuel Roth, a New York publisher and distributor of adult materials, was tried and convicted of violating the Comstock Act. Bush appeared to mean business when he selected as his attorney general John Ashcroft, a favorite of religious conservatives and a longtime anti-porn crusader himself. She was widely ridiculed and ultimately lost the GOP primary. The biggest site, Pornhub, typically ranks around No.

Beating Free porn

It was treated as a matter of urgency not just by the religious right, which decried the hypersexualizing of society, but by the radical left, which denounced the objectifying of women. When he appealed to the Supreme Court on the grounds of First Amendment protection, the court ruled that obscenity was not protected speech. Combating pornography, Bush and Ashcroft told conservatives, would be a federal priority again. Diane Black, a congresswoman running this year for governor of Tennessee, blamed the rise in school shootings on adolescent porn habits.

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