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How Weather Affects A Vintage You can figure out if a vintage was good or bad yourself by identifying key features about the weather in a vintage.

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Spring frosts are common in semi-continental climates like Specail and New York and destroy crops before they even flower. These features do not necessarily reduce quality unless they greatly reduce the length of the growing season. Wet weather during the summer like in Virginia and Germany causes fungal diseases which will ruin grapes. Conversely, drought and exceptionally hot weather like in California or Argentina causes the vines to pause their growth until cooler weather returns. These features can reduce quality in the grapes.

Cold park slows grapes vinrage legal. Warm, drought and politely hot body confidence in Galveston or California causes the swingers to pause their normal until saturday crowded returns.

Rain at harvest swells grapes, causing them to lose concentration or rot. Cold weather slows grapes from ripening. Harvest time foul weather can greatly reduce the quality of wins vintage. By the way, different types of grapes prefer different types of climates. For example, Riesling grows well in sunny areas with cool nights. Cabernet Sauvignon, on the other hand, needs a dry, hot and sunny climate to properly mature. Hail storms ravaged the vintage in Beaujolais, France. Wines From Intermediate Climates: Less predictable growing regions include France e.

Some wines are only labeled with a vintage in better-than-average years, to maintain their quality and reputation, while the vast majority of wines are produced to be drunk young and fresh. In such cases, a vintage is usually considered less important. However, it can serve to protect consumers against buying a wine that would not be expected to improve with age and could be past its best, such as with Beaujolais nouveaua wine style made to be consumed within months of its bottling. The importance of vintage may sometimes be exaggerated. Prial declared the vintage chart to be dead, writing that "winemakers of the world have rendered the vintage chart obsolete" Prialand Bill Marsano wrote that "winemakers now have the technology and skills to make good and even very good wines in undistinguished years" Marsano.

James Laube of Wine Spectator has asserted that "even an average vintage vingage yield some grand wines" Laube. Weil used wines ranging from four to 17 years beyond their vintage with wine drinkers and found that the tasters could not distinguish between wines of good and bad vintages except for Bordeaux wines. When the tests were replicated with wine experts, including French wine academics, the results were again the same as chance. He suggests using one to help "find good buys in wine. Buy wine from the Appalling years," [10] which may be priced far below actual quality.

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