Vintage erotic cards

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Vintage Erotica Greeting Cards

Those Edwardian era cards unbeknownst are beautiful. Ladder known signatures were for dating J.

Early techniques like the daguerreotype were limited by costs and technical problems like exposure time and need of cadrs processing, thus requiring a large and heavy equipment. Reproductions of daguerreotypes were very expensive. With further development of photographic material and reproduction techniques, the photographers looked for opportunities to publish their nude photographs without violating the restrictive laws. Nude photgraphs were officially published mainly in books or magazines for artists and painters, replacing their live models, or in more or less serious scientific books.

This "legalized" showing nudity from a moral point of view. Examples are the German books by C. Images of erotic photography, already beginning with the daguerreotypes, were a more secret and discrete business.

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With the upcoming techniques of printing photos on albumin- or gelatine-coated paper, the so called erptic cards, cartes de visite and especially the "French" postcards became a popular collector's item. Due to the contemporary moral and law, these cards were usually sold and traded discretely in stores or by street dealers. Most of the photographers kept their work anonymous by using acronymic signatures. They didn't want to risk their public reputation, or to get in troubles with the law. Well known signatures were for example J.

Modeling for nude photography was kept secretly too, and most of the models for nude photography were presumably prostitutes or models for painters. This is why there are only a very few known names of artists from theatre or music halls, like Kiki de Montparnasse, or the actresses and singers Maud d'Orby and Nina Barkis, who also modeled for nude photography. It is slightly oversize from the standard size cards. Each card is packed with ball-achingly hardcore pix.

If this deck wrotic give you a hard-on, nothing will! Click on cards to see reverse side. Original 2 part clear plastic box is missing its top. Otherwise, it is in very good condition.

Cards Vintage erotic

Now, this Vitnage an extremely rare deck of nudie cards because it comes from the Soviet Occupied Zone in Germany during the Cold War. When you think about it, it's pretty amazing that anyone ever even produced such a deck of cards in Communist Germany. That said, there are some very wacky mid-century nudie cuties here, all from behind the Iron Curtain! Click on cards to see sexy back illustration.

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