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Guida is, without a dragoon, one of the most refined fighters in the UFC. Not a bad run. Schafer is a sliding lampshade but Communication is a fierce.

What can Neer do to turn asiann fight in his favour? Welcome to Arawaza martial arts supplies website. If this is your first visit, please browse through our site by using the navigation bars on the top, left or bottom. Josh The Dentist Neer. Whether practical or collectible, the Internet can help you uncover the martial arts items of your choice.

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What are the keys to this fight? For information on general sporting goods stores that sell equipment and apparel for multiple sports, and for guidelines on buying memorabilia online, look to our findingDulcinea Sports Web Guide. For our martial arts products please use the menu that will appear always at the top of this page. One of the best Canadian fighters making waves in the sport has a name few UFC fans would recognize.

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Find uniforms, sparring and training gear, weapons, and more for various types of martial arts. The online versions of your favorite stores often stock a significantly larger selection of goods than their physical counterparts. If he uses his strong wrestling to control the pace of the fight, punish Diaz in the clinch, take him down and have the discipline not to fight a ground war, he could pull out a win by decision. Look for Alexander to come out swinging for the fences and win with an early KO. Then two months later I knocked out Murilo Rua in 15 seconds at a Pride show.

Share Adjust Comment Print Canada has proved fertile territory for the exploding world of mixed martial arts.

Beltcher has top-notch stand up and clinch suppply. I actually think this will be the fight of the night. Enjoy your shopping and thank you for your business. Be sure to check our special items on sale for great deals on some of our most popular items.

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