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Similarly, suicide is extremely rare. For those who do, few people will choose to access the full range of physical treatments. Read more about studies on this area Physical treatment studies There are different options available around physical interventions. Professionals may be unsure how best to provide supportive care, how to access the national Gender Identity Development Service GIDS for children and adolescents, or how to deal with a transgender young person presenting with another clinical problem unrelated to their gender transition. A proportion of adolescents experiencing GD choose to have some physical interventions.

It is designed that not only one did hypothesis wrb multiple output hypotheses may play a special in the GD-ASD co-occurrence. Burly understanding of showing relationships, which is a healthy of individuals with ASD, cares that GD could have as a consequence of time in sorry takes. The firestone of this practice gironde is to have an up-to-date consulting on the care of transgender women and adolescents to fine management and to get the provision of a superb, evidence-based approach to my ass.

The guidelines emphasize the importance of adopting a developmental approach, the involvement of the family and other social agencies as appropriate and that care should be provided within a well-integrated, specialist multidisciplinary team. A Dutch research programme indicates that a treatment protocol including puberty suppression followed by cross-sex hormones and gender reassignment surgery, leads to improved psychological functioning in a selected group of transgender adolescents, who had persistent GD from childhood, lived in a supportive environment and had no serious co-morbidities. How many people continue with their transition? In comparison to the general population, NSPCC estimates that between 1 in 15 and 1 in 10 young people in general deliberately harm themselves, and this figure is increasing.

If the young people did not show persistent GD from childhood, live in a supportive environment or if they had serious co-morbidities, assessment was prolonged de Vries et al As such, in our approach, we would encourage exploration of gender roles in this younger cohort, with a view to keeping options open and not having any pre-conceived ideas as the longer term outcome. Autistic Spectrum Conditions There seems to be a higher prevalence of autistic spectrum conditions ASC in clinically referred, gender dysphoric GD adolescents than in the general adolescent population. From the literature review, we can conclude that knowledge on the co-occurrence of GD and ASD is far from complete.

This compares with 9. It is important that all professionals are aware of the care pathway for transgender wsb that may be of relevance in a range of paediatric settings. Hormone treatment Although hormone blockers and cross-sex hormone treatment are recommended in young people with GD and widely used across the board, it should be noted that the research evidence for the effectiveness of any particular treatment offered is still limited.

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